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This is a repost of my article from 9/2/11. My first article was confusing due to poor editing on my part. I hope this version is more readable and I apologize for any inconvenience I caused.

(repost of ProgressMo Shuffle article 9/2/11)
When I saw this article by David Bossie of Citizens United in the Politico Arena (www.politico.com) it made my blood boil.

The Obama recession is in full swing. The economy not producing one net job in August is proof that Obama’s liberal economic policies have failed the American people. The White House will blame former President George W. Bush and House Republicans for these dismal numbers, but the American people will see right through the blame game and know that President Obama owns this economy. 2012 is a referendum on the Obama record. 

As this summer has worn on, we have seen Democrats make a concerted effort to demonize Republicans as 2012 nears - even injecting issues of race without any evidence whatsoever. Just this week, liberal blowhard Richard Wolffe said on MSNBC that Republicans balked at President Obama’s request to address Congress next Wednesday because of the “color of his skin.” Come on! Congressman Andre Carson’s recent comments are just as outrageous. I guess when they have nothing to run on, the worst kind of gutter politics is all liberals have left. If President Obama is a post-partisan politician, he should make a statement renouncing these awful tactics.

America needs an honest debate about our economic future, not the gutter politics in which the Democrats want to engage. President Obama’s job is in jeopardy because of his failed liberal policies. I do not see him changing his economic policies because he is beholden to the liberal special interest groups that support his presidency.

The part of this for lack of a better term intellectual masturbation that gets me the most is the last sentence. David Bossie, the president of Citizen United has the audacity to accuse anyone of being beholden to special interest is offensive. The man who leads the organization that gave special interest the ability to put infinite funds into elections is upset over special interests. Wake up and smell what your shoveling sir.

We will never have a so called honest talk on jobs, as long as people like David Bossie, have this pull over the Republican party. The party that balks every move the President makes, refuses to accept any role in governance when a Democrat is in charge. The Republicans run up the bill, the President tries to fix it, now he's the only one responsible for the state of the economy.

Gutter Politics, the hypocrisy of this man reaches no bounds. The Democrats fight for the worker, the Republicans the CEO. The Democrats fight for equal protection, the Republicans fight to prevent gay rights. The Democrats try to pass universal health care and protect social security, the Republicans could care less if your covered and want wall street to play with your social security contributions. If the Democrats are the party of the gutter, then let us wreak of the street for the Republicans control the high rises.

When will the Republicans understand that the problem is them. How does obstructing the government create honest debate. The court jester of special interest wants to attack people for being beholden to special interest.  Once he collected his thirty piece of silver from the corporations be blames the President. When will we have an honest debate on corporations involvement in the legislative process. Well at least we know where David Bossie's priorities are.


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Originally posted to Rich Bergen on Sun Sep 04, 2011 at 07:34 AM PDT.

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