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David Vitter is an asshole. Plain and simple.

The fact that he remains in the United States Senate is a reflection on the notoriously poor judgment of a large segment of voters in Louisiana -- who have historically put more clowns in office than Barnum & Bailey can stuff into a Volkswagen.

In any other state he would have slinked away in disgrace after he was outed as a regular client of prostitutes. The stories at the time reported that Vitter actually liked to wear a diaper while doing his business with hookers.


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The whole diaper thing may or may not have happened.

Until today, that is.

After today, David Vitter is officially Diaper Dave. And it has nothing to do with hookers.

Vitter is Diaper Dave because he is acting like a 2-year-old.

Vitter announced that he was not going to attend President Obama's address on jobs to a joint session of Congress tonight because he would be attending a football party back home in Louisiana because the New Orleans Saints are playing the Green Bay Packers tonight to open the NFL season.

“As a fanatic, I have my priorities."
Vitter's message to America's unemployed: Are you ready for some football?

But wait. It gets better. It seems that the evil Harry Reid is forcing Diaper Dave to come back to Washington by scheduling votes around the President's speech.

"Typical Harry Reid. He's now schdld votes that should’ve been this morn 4 right b4 & right AFTER prez's speech. Pens me in 2 have 2 stay. Reid ensured I'll miss my Saints party at home. Don't worry--only strengthens my Who Dat resolve. On 2 the Super Bowl! #ReidDirtyBirdsFan?" tweeted Vitter.
For those unfamiliar with the terms -- Who Dat is a Saints slogan, as in "Who dat say they gonna beat dem Saints?" And Dirty Bird is a reference to the Saints' arch rivals, the Atlanta Falcons.

How dastardly of Reid to take Vitter away from his football party and force him to do his fucking job.

The morons who voted to send this asshole back to Congress are reaping what they have been sowing. For all those Louisiana voters who cast the ballots to give Vitter enough free time that he could watch football 24/7, I extend my deepest sympathies.

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