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How can we ever recovery from the disaster that is Obama? It is clear now that the Obama Presidency is a mitigated catastrophic failure, but a catastrophic failure nonetheless. A Presidency characterized by lack of vision, lack of connection with the populist feeling of the day, and of a status quo nature at a time when the status quo is collapsing in the most dramatic fashion, the most dramatic fashion in generations. As such, it is as bad as Jimmy Carter, if not worse.

It is made all the worse by the high hopes deliberately fed by Obama's ascendancy, the fact tha Obama is the first African-American President and multiracial President. It is made worse by the fact that Obama promised the Democrats the hearts of a generation, that was willing to listen to him, now turned into the 'Lost Generation'.

How can the Left ever recover from such a travesty? At first glance one can say that it would take 'decades' to recover.


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Yet we do not have 'decades'. Prior to Obama, it took us decades to recover from the trashing of the conservative resurgence after the 1960s. Obama's apparent triumph itself was supposed be the accumulation of a period of decades of recovery from the Reagan revolution; he was the first northern liberal national triumph since 1964. And now, we are faced with a devastating setback that it will take decades more to recover from. By that time, the country will be unlivable.

An autopsy of the Obama Presidency is almost too morbid to contemplate. It seems clear now that his goose was cooked from almost the minute he stepped into the White House; although one can never know for sure. He certainly did not help himself by doing everything he could to prop up the status quo, and appoint members of the status quo to help him continue on the existing course. One gets the sense that he is, despite all appearances, a very conventional figure, a very establishment figure at heart.

It would be bad enough if we simply looked at the position we are in today, and what we have to do to recover in the eyes of the American people. Yet even worse is the fact that I cannot see that we will do the right thing even now, no matter how bad things get. In 2008 and early 2009, I tried to warn people, for example, that Obama was not the one he appeared to be. Even then, it was clear. He had promised reconciliation and a better tone in politics, but he had never delivered. He had promised to reform the processes of politics, but he never said how he would do it. He was compared with JFK; I said we needed an FDR. Yet no one listened to me.

What is needed now is a reformulation of the basic principles of the Left in light of the new environment. We have likely lost our chance at Presidential leadership, so to some degree our actions will be inherently reactive. Yet we cannot be solely reactive to the next President, who is likely to be a Republican. We also have to continue to chart an independent course, even if we are out of government altogether.

The base of the Left is Democracy. That is our strength. In the coming years, Democracy will be faced by heavy restraints. Huge amounts of debt built up across all sectors of the economy severely constrain all actors. Our job will be to channel the forces of Democracy towards positive and productive purposes to recover from economic disaster, and we may construct a program for doing so.

Firstly, we need to bring the government back to the people. The conservative message is that government is corrupt; therefore we should get rid of government, as much as possible. Our message must be that government is corrupt; therefore we should replace the government with a new one. The program must be absolutely determined to decisively curb governmental corruption that has gotten out of hand. We must absolutely stand by Campaign Finance reforms, even to Constitutional Amendments as such is required to eliminate the overweening influence of Big Money in Congress. Government funding of all federal elections to an extent that squeezes out the power of private money is one way to reform the electoral system without conflicting with the First Amendment. Note that it is not patronage per se or the services of members of Congress to their popular constituents that is the core issue; it is services to special interests that are disconnected from Democracy. Our message will have to be anti-The Government while being pro-Government.

Secondly, we need to hammer home at the people's suffering that the things that can be done to relieve this suffering. This requires throwing back the curtain on poverty, hunger, and loss, but it also requires an optimistic and positive intellectual framework which can convincingly assert that Democracy Can address the problems we face. That would require a very different approach than that of the past three years, which has been relentlessly pessimistic. The problem with relentless pessimism is that in the end it results in Conservative Triumph. In a world with no hope, the only ideologies that can possibly triumph are conservative ones. For Progressives to make headway, there must absolutely be hope.

We must absolutely be able to make the case that Government, backed by Democracy, can indeed address the poverty issues that will in the coming years seem even far more hopeless than they are today. And not only tinker around the edges but address all of the fundamental economic problems we have today, including [1] Excessive Debt [2] the Energy Crisis [3] the Trade Deficit [4] the Unemployment Crisis and [5] the Poverty and Wage Crisis and [6] the Health Care crisis. Conservatives will throw up one roadblock after another: Government can't do 'X' efficiently! Government can't create wealth! Government can't bring back wages! Certain parts of their criticisms will be true, but major parts will be false, and we must absolutely be determined to cut through this defeatist line of thinking.

The amount of suffering out there may be our aid. The worse things are from a private sector standpoint, the more calling there will be from the People for action. It is imperative that we respond to this call, and respond intelligently.

I never thought that I would live to see a day with the Left so thoroughly shattered. We didn't want this day to happen. But it happened. It is the world we live in. If we press forward and ask determinedly for a government that is uncorrupt, and a democracy that is proactive, we may make the world bearable again.

UPDATE: Well it seems that some people are still attached to Mister O. Listen up folks, he's done. There's going to be another crash when this Greece thing happens and then everything will be even worse than now. I don't think Obama can win in 2012. But even if he could, I don't know if we want to. The next 4 years after 2012 are likely going to be just as hard as the last 4 years. Whoever's in office then is going to have problems just as whoever's in office now.

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