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Just in case you missed it, The Shock Doctrine Doctor, slams the entire GOP platform.  If you have a chance, I recommend listening.  Perhaps you can listen to his words in the background while you surf.

"We can't have the country we want with the tax system we have"

"CEOs don't care about what's happening in America, their big money is being earned abroad."

"What kind of society is that, where the President dines for months and months and months with the richest people?  What kind of policies are we likely to get out of that?"

IF virtue does not return to corporate and political policies, the United States will NOT have an economic recovery.

Well, thank you Jeffry Sachs.  Are virtues dead in the market driven world we find ourselves?  If so, maybe we need to step aside and make a new world for ourselves, those of us who want no part of working to foster such a heartless, cruel, and morally bankrupt system.


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While we are at it, I wish we could all relax and not worry about potential hyperinflation in the USA when so many are earning so little.

Peanut Butter will almost hyperinflate next month.  Economists define hyperinflation as inflation of more than 50 percent per month.  Peanut Butter is slated to increase in price between 30% - 40% beginning in November.

What next?  Bread?  Eggs?  Milk? Water?

And how can the US avoid this potentially dire outcome?

The solution to hyperinflation and shortages is well known from twentieth-century economic history and from the recent ex- periences in Latin America in battling high inflation.  

<>  A decisive break with high inflation and shortages requires a series of actions:

<>  Cutting the budget deficit;

<>  Stabilizing the foreign exchange value of the currency;

<>  Raising market interest rates and

<>  Tightening central bank credits to the government and to the banks;

<>  And, most important for ending shortages, removing artificial price controls that pre- vent the equilibrium of supply and demand at market-determined prices.

This combination of measures was introduced in Poland on January 1, 1990, as part of a single package.

I'd love to hear from the economic brainiacs to help us understand whether or not we are at risk of hyperinflation or a high rate of inflation in the near term.

Speaking for myself, it is this worry that is keeping me from spending a dime on anything but the Bear Necessities.

Oh, look!  Robert Reich rips apart the Right Wing economic talking points, too!

In short, Planet Greed is Doomed....Unless

So, we have no choice but to keep the Occupy Movement going non-stop.  When it becomes bitter cold, it might take a different form, a day or two off here or there.  

But the LIVESTREAMs can keep running.  The tweets can keep tweeting.  The diaryies and articles can still be written.  Lawn signs can remain in the snow.

WE MUST UNITE or we will be up Crap Creek without a boat, let alone a paddle.


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Originally posted to War on Error on Wed Oct 19, 2011 at 03:19 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.


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