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It is amazing to watch the absolute hypocrisy being displayed by the Regressive Republicans regarding the Occupy Movement.

I am sure we all remember a time when it was just considered awful and un-American to criticize the Corporate Tea Party's attempts to absolutely disrupt town hall meetings surrounding the health care debate.  They were to be allowed to interrupt anyone that was talking, shout them down, and boo those that disagreed with them.  Hell they were even allowed to bring guns to events attended by President Obama.

Boy how the times changed.


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The reason that the Regressive Republicans hate the Occupy Movement with such veracity is because this movement is using the Tea Party tactics just as they did, but this time it is against them and that is just horrible.

Eric Cantor is the latest Regressive to cancel a planned speech because of the planned protest by the Occupy Movement to his speech.  Many other Regressives have canceled town halls and speeches recently because they flat out did not want to deal with people challenging them.

This is where full credit has to be given to Democratic Congressmen a few years ago.  They did not cower, they did not cancel town halls or speeches simply because they knew that the Corporate Tea Party was going to be in attendance.  They went right ahead and did their duty as a Congressperson.

The Regressives, however, refuse to do any meeting, town hall, or speech if there is even a chance that there will be any opposition in attendance.

The Regressives have proven, once again, just how hypocritical they are.  The first time we saw this level of hypocrisy was when they campaigned in 2010 that Democrats were trying to cut social programs and that if elected they would protect those programs.  Naturally after being elected they immediately began to try to cut every social program they could find.

However, do not call them on it, because they simply do not recognize their own hypocrisy.  I used to believe they knew they were being hypocritical and just did not care but after dealing with quite a few of these Regressive Republicans they honestly do not believe anything they do to be hypocritical.

They do not see that demanding respect and the ability to disrupt any political event and then calling others that do the same as nothing more than thugs to be hypocritical.  In fact, in their alternate reality they are able to explain why the two are not even in the same thing.

They see their actions as heroic and extremely patriotic.  They see the actions of anyone not believing the way they do (even if the actions are exactly the same) as barbaric and anti-American.  Armed with that delusion of grandeur they are able to cast aside the notion of hypocrisy.

Sadly our media is helping them out fully on this.  They refuse to call any Republican out on any kind of perceived hypocrisy because for whatever reason they believe that the people watching side with the Regressives.

An Election Aside:
It is very interesting watching almost every single Republican play so hard for that miniscule Corporate Tea Party vote.  I say almost every one, because there is one candidate who has constantly played towards the moderate Republicans at every opportunity.  Jon Huntsman is by far the most moderate of the Republicans and thus he is trailing far behind in the polls.  To this point he has not played to the Regressive base and I give him credit for that.  He will not win the Republican nomination, but it is nice to see that at least one of the candidates is still sane.

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