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Many of you remember Scott Wooledge (aka Clarknt67) chaining himself to the White House fence with twelve other LGBT activists in an act of civil disobedience against Don't Ask, Don't Tell some eleven months ago.

And who could forget Jesse LaGreca (aka MinistryOfTruth) taking on that Fox News Reporter, figuratively beating him to a pulp, and in the process becoming one of the preeminent spokespeople for the Occupy Wall Street Movement?


Now I want you to meet (if you haven't already) Alyssa (aka Allie123) who combines the civil disobedience directness of Scott with the oratorical excellence of Jesse. I defy you to listen to this interview she did with the Majority Report radio show without breaking down. (It's a long one -- at least 30 minutes).

Allie123 got arrested Tuesday morning about 4:30 AM after coming down to #OccupyOakland to help defend the camp. Various Kossacks and the National Lawyer's Guild got her out of jail around noon. By 4:00 PM she was back at the reconstituted Occupy Oakland rally. She marched until late in the evening last night, risking tear gas and further arrest as the protesters kept pressing towards Oscar Grant Square. This morning (Wednesday) she did that amazing interview, and, circa 2:00 PM, she went back into downtown Oakland to the barricades as she recently tweeted!!!

alyssa011968 Alyssa
at #OccupyOakland people in front of Oscar Grant Plaza. Top 1% thugs Opd keep public out of public park
If there were more Alyssas in the world I think it would be a far better place. Certainly a more amazing one.

Keep yourself safe this evening!



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3:31 PM PT: Marches for Solidarity with Occupy Oakland:

Occupy_Boston Occupy Boston

 by occupyoakland

Please join us as we stand in #solidarity w. #occupyoakland tonight. We will march at 9pm (Boston time). #standwithoakland Spread the word!


ANNOUNCEMENT - Tonight, at 9PM EST, #WeAreOakland. Stand in solidarity w/ #OccupyOakland & all threatened peaceful protesters.

7:07 PM PT:
alyssa011968 Alyssa

#OccupyOakland whose park our park. pic.twitter.com/j2HVb1qq

5 minutes ago


alyssa011968 Alyssa

#OccupyOakland fence down. Love Oakland.

7:07 PM PT:

Whose park? Our park!

7:11 PM PT: Apparently the fence around the grassy area has been taken down as well.  Presumably by protesters.  I'm surprised the OPD let that happen.

BootsRiley Boots Riley

 by occupyoakland

2000of us here! City&police caved in. We r inside OscarGrantPlaza havin rally. #OccupyOakland

21 minutes ago

7:14 PM PT: Yup.  Fence is way down.  And the arrestees from yesterday are out.

indybay indybay

 by occupyoakland

Fence is completely taken down, aside from the part around amphitheatre which the GA decided to leave as a symbolic action #OccupyOakland

3 minutes ago

beingtherewith l.e. long

 by occupyoakland

The fence is coming down for real. people trying to get closer to GA #occupyoakland

8 minutes ago

alyssa011968 Alyssa

#occupyoakland our park 120 arrests they are out. They have to go to court 2morriw pic.twitter.com/LsGVLpIo

2 minutes ago


jankyhellface jankyhellface

 by occupyoakland

Fence taken down. Ppl pouring into og plaza to join meeting. #occupyoakland

8 minutes ago

7:20 PM PT: Very, very cool!

mawrgan .

 by occupyoakland

Manhattan is insane right now. People are getting out of cabs to join the march. Protesters have taken Broadway for #OccupyOakland. #OWS

8:44 PM PT: The 1% should be getting very scared.

occupyoakland Occupy Oakland

Egyptians revolutionaries announced they will march in #Tahrir on Oct 28th in solidarity with #OccupyOakland. Cairo and Oakland are 1 hand!

8:47 PM PT: Ruh roh

alyssa011968 Alyssa

#OccupyOakland police are surrounding us #ows

2 minutes ago

10:34 PM PT: General strike is voted for by Oakland General Assembly.

alyssa011968 Alyssa

huge group #occupyoakland goes to support. #occupysf pic.twitter.com/TeL8EQ4H

15 minutes ago

alyssa011968 Alyssa

#occupyoakland whose park? Oscar Grant Plaza where movement turns to revolution #ows pic.twitter.com/QoXv6RzP

21 minutes ago

alyssa011968 Alyssa


@Catherina_Guate 1st committee meeting to work on details is tomorrow at 5 #OccupyOakand

28 minutes ago

alyssa011968 Alyssa

so far but details will be worked on meetings 5pm 4 1st strike org committee

30 minutes ago


alyssa011968 Alyssa

#OccupyOakland and GA results are wins 1784 for 77 abstentions and 47 nos pic.twitter.com/bpPKSFFD

10:43 PM PT: I love it

VanJones68 Van Jones

 by speechadvice

"@miketuttle: Occupy is not fighting for the rights of a few to sleep outdoors, but for the right of millions to sleep indoors.
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Originally posted to jpmassar on Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 03:09 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, SFKossacks, California politics, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and J Town.

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