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Monday was my birthday, so I wished Eric Cantor would be held accountable for his cowardly behavior last week.

Last week, Mr. Cantor canceled a speech upon learning the venue refused to deny access to people Cantor didn't like. You see, Cantor scheduled this speech at The Wharton School (UPenn) months ago, before Occupy Wall Street protesters planned to attend. Once he learned the audience wasn't pre-brainwashed by Fox News, he refused to honor his commitment to speak.

It's time congress stopped denying Americans access to the political process while they collude with the top 1%.

Please contact Eric Cantor and demand he make that speech in his home district, open to the public. Ask him to stop hiding from his own constituents, and to stop finding ways to weasel out of listening to the needs of non-millionaires. His job is to represent the voters.

Only you can help my birthday wish come true by telling Cantor what you think.

Automatically send Mr. Cantor an email by signing the petition "Eric Cantor, come out, come out where ever you are!"on Change.Org (A copy of the petition is below.)


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Why this is Important
CNN tweeted the news first:

"CANTOR CANCELS: Specifically Cantor signed up for speech with a selected audience. Last night U Penn said it would be open to public."

“I think it’s a shame that a speech at a university should not occur  because of some fear that there will be skeptics and critics in the  audience,” said English professor Al Filreis of The Wharton School at UPenn, who added, “Clearly, the  reason he canceled was that he wanted to speak to a friendly audience,  and not one that would ask him difficult questions.”

Congressman Eric Cantor has a long history of avoiding his own constituents. Unless you're a corporation, a millionaire or a big campaign donor, Cantor has proven, time and again, he has no time for you. (And he’s certainly never voted for you!)

It's time Congress listened to the 99%. Demand Eric Cantor step into the real world and participate in our democracy by giving his speech in his home district and allowing the public to attend. No more cherry picking adoring audiences to use as props for your Fox News talking points.

It's time Cantor faced the public that put him in office.

[ Sign this petition now ]

If petitions aren't your thing, send Mr. Cantor an email through his website.

 Call Mr. Cantor's offices:
 Richmond, VA (804) 747-4073 or (804) 358-6160
 Culpeper, VA (540) 825-8960
 Washington, DC (202) 225-2815

This morning we learn that Cantor has decided that instead of serving the constituents he was elected to represent, he's going to trot out his family to polish up his likability.


A kinder, gentler Eric Cantor?

The Virginia Republican has been portrayed as an insensitive, combative conservative who wants to withhold disaster relief from the storm stricken and protect Wall Street from the “mobs” who occupy it.

He’s rubbed legions of liberals — and some conservatives — the wrong way. Cantor’s negatives are up, and his public appearances have drawn hundreds of protesters. Unions have stepped up activity in his congressional district.

So now Cantor is trying to rehab his public image. The No. 2 House Republican wants to show he’s a serious lawmaker who’s curious about policy and has been unfairly vilified by the left while trying to find common ground with Democrats.

Cantor is allowing CBS News’s “60 Minutes” cameras into his life, filming his three children and wife to show that he’s not the hard-line ideologue that has become the object of Democratic caricature. He’s invited the “60 Minutes” cameras to spend Thanksgiving with his family; Leslie Stahl is slated to be the reporter on the piece.

I don't know about you, but I don't find using your family as props very likable at all (on Thanksgiving Day, no less.)

Please sign the Change.org petition and it will automatically send Eric Cantor an email.


About my campaign to unseat Eric Cantor: check me out for yourselves. Read my biography, follow my news page, and "like" my campaign's Facebook page.  You can also make a donation if you feel so inclined.
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