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Several articles have been written here about the possible connection between hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and the recent earthquakes in Oklahoma.  


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And yet in the face of all the evidence that links increased tremors in Arkansas and Oklahoma - our incompetent media has failed to step up and make any kind of correlation between increased natural gas removal by this destructive process and the fact that regions that normally have NO earthquakes are now having up to 600 per year!

We have shown our concern for our water supply by above ground pipelines that may cross our country's vital Ogallala Aquifer.  It is one of the reasons for the huge protest in DC this weekend circling the White House to urge the President to not allow dirty tar sands oil to be piped from Canada to the Gulf Coast.  Most of us here would prefer that energy research money be spent on developing cleaner alternatives than continuing our reliance on our ever dwindling supply of crude oil.  

The same is true of natural gas deposits.  We do have some rather large pockets of this fossil fuel in several states and the method to remove it causes more than just earthquakes.  Have you all seen Gasland?  The damage done to drinking water supplies in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and other states where fracking has injected dangerous toxins into the ground water is unbelievable and will contaminate these wells for many many years to come.  In some cases, the drilling companies refuse to list the various chemicals they actually use to break the shales to release the natural gas.  In other cases the natural gas has leaked into the wells to cause the water to actually ignite.  

A recent post by a Polish researcher (Zach Shahan) really hit hard.  Please check this out:  There are tons of maps, charts, diagrams that explain the whole procedure and the potential damage to water supplies and of course - increased earthquake activity.  Planetsave

After reading the above, I hope you make contact with as many congress critters and media outlets as possible - to encourage them to investigate and spread the truth about earthquakes caused by the fracking process.  It just isn't worth damaging our water resources or lives of our people to pump the last bits of natural gas from beneath our feet.  This is just as important as stopping the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada.

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After reading the links about the connections between fracking and earthquakes:

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