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Rick Perry appeared on "late Show with David Letterman " last night. He wore a sharp suit (which David commented upon) and a broad grin. He was there to deliver the "Top Ten List" - the "Top Ten Rick Perry Excuses" for his stunningly poor debate performance.

This is all a joke to Perry. The Presidency of one of the largest economies in the world; the position of Commander in Chief of the largest military in the world; possessor of the "go codes" for over 5,000 nuclear weapons, and leader of a nation of over 300 million people - it's a big yuck. By watching this segment, you can see exactly what a Rick Perry Presidency would be like.

Perry is trying to become the Horsetrader-In-Chief of our Commonwealth by yucking it up.  As Matt Taibbi explains so deftly in "The Best Little Whore in Texas," Perry has "... one driving passion: selling off government to the highest bidder."

But that is the entire raison d'etre of the Republican Party at this point: to take over government as privatize the entire nation, spreading the profits for selling the military, the tax system, the post office, the public lands, parks, monuments and works of art, even its people's labor, amongst themselves. This is the entire reason the the Plutocrats, as embodied by the Koch Brothers, are involved in politics: they themselves want to own everything that "American people" do at present.

The worst part of their decades-long conspiracy to steal the country? They have made cynics of the entire populace. It began when they began calling us "consumers" instead of citizens. They mock the idea of public service. They state that anyone who wants to work for the society in general, and for the government in specific, is either a fool or a thief. They have separated the very citizens from their own sense of what it means to be a part of America.

They have done everything they can to destroy the idea of "we, the people" as an actual living, creating entity. For that,they should have the undying enmity of every patriot - and they should be fought against on the field of political battle with every ounce of strength we have.


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