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I am not surprised in the least that the same morally bankrupt conservative pundits and politicians who support torture today and opposed the Civil rights movement a generation ago are the loudest and most hysterical critics of OccupyWallStreet.

We came to challenge corruption, so of course the most corrupt people in America would take that as a personal attack.

The reality is, you can't kill an idea.

You can't evict an idea.

You can't evict reality.

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The reality for millions of Americans who are hurting is that politicians like Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and others, as well as the pundits like Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and the hacks at The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, all of these guys have something in common; they have absolutely nothing positive to offer millions of Americans who are hurting right now. They are too busy doing the dirty work for their corporate interests, and the entire agenda the GOP is pushing right now is a total disaster for the 99% of Americans who are not Too Big To Fail so that the wealthiest 1% of Americans can live better than ever. it is no consolation that the Democratic Party, in all of its' spineless, keeping their powder dry glory, are about as helpful as a bucket of water in a grease fire when it comes to standing up for working class people against the GOP war on the middle class and everyone else. Both parties are corrupt at this point, neither serves the interests of the people, only the special interests.

Well, We The People aren't having it.

I have noticed something in the last few months, and maybe you have noticed it too. It is that Republican politicians and conservative pundits absolutely refuse to engage in an honest debate about the future of America. They would rather talk about ANYTHING else, they would rather call anti-corruption protesters at #OWS childish names, or shriek about "SOCIALISM!!!", whatever it takes, just don't have an honest debate about the facts, that's the GOP method of handling things in reality that they can not cope with.

When all of the facts are against you, the only choices you have are to admit you are wrong or to double down on a lie, and corrupt career politicians and corrupt career pundits who know that our anti-corruption movement is aimed at their gravy train have decided to lie, because that is the only thing they seem good at.

Should we discuss our runaway military budget? NO! (or the terrorists will win!)

Should we discuss health insurance reform? NO! (it's a death panel!)

Should we discuss Wall Street reform? NO! (argle bargle SOCIALISM! argle bargle)

Americans everywhere want to have this honest conversation about our future, they are talking to their neighbors and families, they are out in the streets talking about our future, and the consistently dishonest self described "fiscal conservatives" don't want to talk about reality, they want to evict reality. They don't want an honest conversation about our future, they want to call people names and steal our social security money so Wall Street can use it to pad their bonuses.

And those self described "fiscal conservatives" who have been consistently WRONG on policy for the last 30 years or so, those same "fiscal conservatives" who crashed our economy with de-regulation, privatization, tax cuts for the rich and two unfunded wars put on the nations credit cards, well, these career liars are on BOTH sides of the isle. They call it bi-partisanship. I call it a scam.

Americans want JOBS, jobs with good pay and benefits that lead to retirement at a decent age.

Americans want REFORM, campaign finance reform and Wall Street reform and a slew of other reforms that the "fiscal conservatives" have consistently been opposed to for over 80 years.

There is so much work to do. We don't have time to filibuster, we don't have time for liars, we need this honest debate to go forward, so to the "fiscal conservative" career politicians and pundits who would rather talk about anything else than reality I have this message, you were wrong about tax cuts for the rich, you were wrong about WMD's, you were wrong about "Death Panels" and de-regulation, you have been consistently WRONG for decades now, so let this stand as notice: The Reagan Revolution is OVER.

It is time for reform. It is time for a movement. It is time to embrace reality instead of coddling the rich.

Tonight I will be going on the Ed Show at 8pm ET on MSNBC live with Ed Schultz to talk about a number of things pertaining to OccupyWallStreet and our future as a nation in an honest conversation. I am honored and humbled at the same time. If you have any suggestions for me, or advice, I could sure use it, because this is not about me, it is about us.

We are all in this together. Wish me luck.

Peace and love to one and all,

Jesse LaGreca

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