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Chairman Leach: Today's victories first step in rebuilding Louisiana Democratic Party


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Louisiana voters overwhelming supported putting Louisiana families and jobs first as the Louisiana Democratic Party and the House Democratic Campaign Committee scored a decisive victory in today's runoff elections. Democrats retained 45 seats in the House of Representatives and welcome five new members, the Freshman Five, who beat Republican or no party candidates for the House--  Kenny Cox, Randal Gaines, Terry Landry, Stephen Ortego and Gene Reynolds.  These newly elected Representatives won despite being targeted by a massive effort from the GOP.  

Kenny Cox decisively defeated a Republican incumbent and another Republican incumbent lost to a no party candidate.  This election cycle's victories sent a clear message to Republicans as they spent nearly $4 million for the cycle, outspending Democrats three to one.  

"Today's victories are the first step in rebuilding the Louisiana Democratic Party," said Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Buddy Leach.  "I would like to thank Rep. John Bel Edwards, Rep. Karen St. Germain, Rep. Pat Smith, Rep. Sam Jones and Sen. Eric LaFleur for their hard work and outstanding leadership during this election.  I also congratulate all of our Democratic candidates across the state on their victories.  We will build on tonight's success by getting back to basics as we rebuild our Democratic Party and fight to make Louisiana Blue again."    

"Voters sent a clear message to the GOP tonight that putting Louisiana jobs and families first is what they want, not empty rhetoric and partisan attacks,'' said House Democratic Campaign Committee chairman John Bel Edwards." Early in the year when Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter announced that he would try to destroy the Democrats in the Legislature, bring Washington DC  politics to Louisiana and attempt to establish a one party state, we Democrats said 'no way.' Governor Jindal joined U.S. Senator Vitter’s efforts and between the two of them raised nearly $4 million dollars to target as many Democrats for defeat as they could find opponents for, particularly in the House of Representatives.  The GOP predicted they would have 70 seats in the House after tonight, but they clearly fell drastically short of that mark thanks to our grassroots efforts and by putting Louisiana jobs and families first."

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Originally posted to Louisiana Democratic Party on Sun Nov 20, 2011 at 01:22 PM PST.

Also republished by Louisiana Kossacks.

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