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"Get It Done": Urging Climate Justice, Youth Delegate Anjali Appadurai Mic-Checks UN Summit  outside COP17 ...

Negotiations resume @ 10AM Durban time.

Watch  LIVE.


OneClimate LiveBlog
The Climate Countdown – Tracking the last day @COP17 (tcktcktck & partners)



Snippets from COPTOP via Twitter: Tod Stearn ordered a decaf cap this AM and said he expects talk to go past noon today ...  new text stronger than yesterday; will the US and other developing countries agree ... a success for the ad-hoc alliance formed between the EU, AOSIS, LDCs and Africa Block with negotiations to end in 2015 ... First time text endorsement "that there is a mismatch, a gap, between the pledges countries have made on cutting emissions and their stated goal of keeping the rise in average global temperatures since pre-industrial times below 2C (3.6F)" (Black, BBC)... new Kyoto Protocol, Long Term Commitment & Green Climate Fund Texts ... Decision on finance for forest protection reached late last night ....Australia accused of siding with big polluters

Watch videos from OneClimate on www.justin.tv

The "EU Roadmap' failed last last night as African nations were unwilling to sign on to an agreement which was entirely too weak and rather sided with India.

Here's what to expect from Saturday: the new Long-term Cooperative Action text (which, if adopted, will form the basis of a so-called 'Durban Mandate') should be released by 6am. Ministers will then convene some time between 9am and 10am local time, to consider all of the texts together. This is likely to take some time. The main plenary will then begin some time after 10am...

Tim Gore Oxfam reports signs from China positive and

The Green Climate Fund looks like it will go through in the end. There are two issues outstanding. One is the location of the interim secretariat – there are still three options on the table; it could be in Geneva at the UN, it could be in Bonn at the UNFCCC, or it could be in Washington at the Global Environment Facility [favoured by the USA], so they’ve still go to figure that out. And the only paragraph that still has square brackets around it is the actual adoption of the recommendations of the transitional committee, and we’re not entirely sure who that is – it could be the US, Saudi Arabia, or maybe a surprise party, but it looks like once the whole package comes together it’s going to sail through no problem.
,OneClimate Blog


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Patrick Bond, Conference of Polluters, talks to One Climate TV outside the IPC offical talks Climate Justice and about the real issues which are not being addresssed at the official talks.

Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 11:46 PM PT: The new text proposal for the Kyoto Protocol states that a second commitment period will be established. That seems good news; it was what everybody was waiting for.

But, a second commitment period for what? For the sake of having it? For the sake of carbon markets? For calming public opinion?

Let’s see the good points and the bad points of the actual proposal.

It establishes a second commitment period for five years. That’s good. But will it be real? Or is it just another false promise?

Adopting amendments or taking note of proposed amendments

from http://pwccc.wordpress.com/...

Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 11:48 PM PT: OccupyCop17 supports International Day of Action for Human Rights.

f our rights thrive, we are but guardians of its ideals. Freedom is bigger than us – it is the architecture our dreams inhabit. It does not belong to us anymore than a house built of stone belongs to its inhabitant. Rights belong to the long line of generations that will come. Justice grows like a garden, we water it with our wills. In the architecture of justice, a window is closing and with each day diminishes the justice we will pass on to every person yet to be born.

Here in Africa, the well of hope is drying. It is untying people from the land of their ancestors and sending them wander with nothing into the darkening world of the days to come. Our justice mean nothing if it is stolen from the future.

Our planet is changed, and with it the story of human rights: We do not rob water from the cups of others, we divert the streams. Here in Africa, the river beds are already drying and the seedlings that we watered for the future are wilting. Climate change is the tyranny of the present over the rights of the future. In Africa the future is already here.

Human rights are universal, they exist not only to everyone who is alive – but to everyone who will ever live. No one is free until everyone is free.


Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 11:49 PM PT: Everybody's going home cept negotiators

emilienovaczek Emilie Novaczek

Conference centre in surrounded by construction crews and moving trucks. Weird atmosphere here at the ICC #COP17

Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 11:51 PM PT: Saturday morning state of paly Adopt a Negotiator Alex Stark

The text that is currently on the table calls for the launch of an Ad Hoc Working Group with a mandate to negotiate a new legal instrument, to be completed “as soon as possible” and no later than 2015, and to be adopted at COP21.  Kelly Rigg, Executive Director of GCCA, argues that the new bigger picture text is much stronger than what was on the table last night, but that it may be “too strong” for the US and other major emitters like China.  The Green Climate Fund still has two outstanding issues-where the Fund will be located, and some brackets remaining in the text-but Oxfam International’s Tim Gore suggests that “once the whole package comes together it’s going to sail through no problem.”

The problem of course is that ministers still need to consider the texts as an entire package of decisions, and there is little chance that one piece will move without all of the others. On the other hand, this means that negotiators may have some wiggle room to work out a final bargain today.


Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 11:54 PM PT: Twitter data visualisation tool - CNN launches #COP17 | The Wall Blog

Twitter data visualisation tool - CNN launches #COP17 | The Wall Blog | Geo-visualization | Scoop.it

    This is really pretty cool.CNN has launched a great Twitter data visualization tool called ‘Ecosphere’ in support of the COP17 climate change conference in...


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