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Iowans roll out the red-white-and-blue carpet
for the world premiere of propaganda
in the name of Jesus and caucus-goers
In case it was not sufficiently clear just how Jesus-y the Republican candidates for president are, today they'll have an opportunity to really pander to the extremist wing of the extremist party at Mike Huckabee's propaganda-and-popcorn extravanganza:
Abortion opposition will be the issue of the day Wednesday, when Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry and Rick Santorum attend a screening of Mike Huckabee's anti-abortion documentary.
Yes, today Mike Scorsese Huckabee will be premiering The Gift of Life, his every-sperm-is-sacred flick, produced in conjunction with the group Citizens United—yes, that Citizens United. Huckabee, wannabe kingmaker that he is, has invited the Republican candidates to join him on the red carpet, where he'll be serving up 16th century health care along with popcorn, so they can really impress upon Iowa voters just how deep their fetus fixation is.

At an anti-choice site I won't bother to link to, Huckabee describes the film as:

[A]n hour long documentary that explores the sanctity of life as a moral issue and looks at the lives of individuals who have been personally affected by the scourge of abortion.
When he is talking about the individuals who have been affected by abortion, he's not talking about the women who've died trying to self-abort because they couldn't afford to pay for the procedure. Or the doctors who've been assassinated by "pro-life" terrorists. Or the women forced to give birth, against their will, because laws passed by people like Huckabee make it impossible for them to exercise control over their own reproduction.

Nope, he's talking about this:

We hear the voice of Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in rape and almost aborted twice.  James Robison tells of his mother’s decision to abort him being changed by prayer and a doctor’s conviction.
Ah, right. The people most affected by abortion are, of course, the children of women who were bullied, or forced by law, to carry to term pregnancies they didn't want. Like Rebecca Kiessling, whose name should sound familiar because she's the star of the forced birth circuit and the "conceived in rape tour":
[She] explains at her website, and on tour, that her mother did not abort her when she was impregnated by her rapist because abortion was illegal at the time, and Rebecca is so "hurt" by this knowledge that she is compelled to ensure that all women, like her mother, are denied the right to terminate pregnancies conceived in rape.
Andy Kopsa at RH Reality Check actually suffered through the documentary (or, okay, at least the trailer) so we don't have to and concluded that it is "breathtaking in its deception." Big surprise there; breathtaking deception is standard operating procedure for the forced birthers.

But today the Republican candidates will be able to really shore up their "pro-life" street cred by sitting through this filth and then, no doubt, issuing statements about how all life is sacred and special and must be protected.

And then they can go back to cheering for executions, booing gay soldiers, and demanding that poor children get off their lazy fat asses and go clean some toilets to develop a work ethic.


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Originally posted to Kaili Joy Gray on Wed Dec 14, 2011 at 10:15 AM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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