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Whatado evraybody, whatado.

If you suffer with some form of triskaidekaphobia, your daylong nightmare is over, or almost over [covers mouth with hand] in your region.


The New York Times expert on late night television, Bill Carter reports in his blog that CBS is close to signing David Letterman for another two year contract extension which would keep him at the network into 2014.  If Dave signs the deal and stays on, it would allow him to host late night television shows for 32 years (11 on NBC and 21 on CBS), surpassing the 30-year mark attained by his idol, Johnny Carson.  Carter also notes in his article that discussions are continuing with Craig Ferguson, whose contract time frame mirrors Letterman’s.  Carter points out that while Craig has a clause in his contract that would allow him to take over for Dave upon his retirement, our favorite Scot may not necessarily decide to do so.  Carter says negotiations currently under way with Craig may include not only a salary increase but a request for a bigger production budget for the Late Late Show.
One sked guest is a Craig fave, Kristen Bell.  "She is the female lead on the new series House of Lies directed by Stephen Hopkins. The show is expected to premiere on Showtime on January 8, 2012."

The other sked guest is Louie Anderson, who was just a guest Geoff 2 months ago.

Don't forget the playoffs poll:

NO (-3) at SF 2:30pm on F@X
Den (-13.5) at NE 6pm on CBS

Hou (-7) at Balt 11am on CBS
NYG (-9) at GB 2:30pm in F@X

All odds from ESPN and all times MST.

Don't forget the Animal Nuz on Saturday.

These are back in sync.

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