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I was raised as a boy.  One of the more trying things I was required to do by my parents was join the cub scouts.  I guess that was an attempt to make me more manly...or at least become more familiar with how boys were supposed to behave.  From my current vantage point, I can't say it was extremely successful.

About the only event I can remember from cub scouts was learning how to roast filberts (aka hazelnuts to those of you not in the know) in an oven, taught by Marshall Lloyd's mom.  They had a filbert tree on their property.

From my interactions with girls scout (former) members over the years, I have no doubt that I would have preferred that organization, but I wouldn't have pushed to be a member.  At the time we didn't know anything about gender dysphoria or transgender in children.

Christine Jorgenson was a name from a far-away fantasyland, far removed in place and age.  That sort of thing never happened to actual little American children.

Nowadays transkids are being recognized at younger and younger ages...sometimes as young as 2 years old.  When I think about that, the thought that some of our detractors enemies have about us being sexual deviated monsters is impossible to grasp.  

But I digress.

Recently a purported girl scout has called for the boycott of girl scout cookies (the original youtube was later converted to private, but was captured by someone else in order to share.  Please do not berate the uploader.)  Her objective apparently is to get the Girl Scouts to change their policy in regards to transgender girls becoming members, which is that if they are presented as girls by their families and live as girls, then the Girl Scouts will let them in after a case by case review.

Some former girl scots have created their own youtube videos in response.  Please enter to view them.


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Let's start with former girl scout and current porn star, Buck Angel:

Some other transmen who were girl scots have also waded in:
Support from cis-sexual quarters:
I plan on purchasing more than our fair share of cookies as soon as our local scouts start selling them.  Thin Mints, Trefoils, Samoas...they're all good.
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