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I wonder if at any point yesterday Keith uttered these words? :D


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Let's get SPARKy! Times are tough for drug lords in Columbia. ;D


If someone offered to name a new version of this critter after me, I'd say, "Thanks but no thanks!" If any of y'all are running low on caviar, here's a place where there's plenty. :D Finally, don't ya' just hate it when a neighbor decides to mow their lawn good & early in the morning and wakes you up?! Try this the next time it happens!

Let's Countdown...

#5 "Breaking News: Sens. Hatch & Boozman Drop Support for PIPA Bill" AKA "Blackout" - A whole lot of intertube sites went dark today to protest SOPA/PIPA. Former Senator Chris Dodd works for Hollywood now, and he's pi$$ed at the blackouts. The bills have lost lots of support in both houses of Congress. What these bills are all about, to my understanding, is that a website could get into a whole heap of trouble even if they unknowingly & unintentionally publish pirated material. There were protests in the street, too! Senator Ron Wyden is one of the more vocal opponents of these bills. There's a vote on Tuesday in the Senate to see if the bill even goes forward. Senator Wyden thinks Tuesday's vote is too soon. Senator Wyden called these bills "censorship" bills, and I'm shocked that he ripped a former Senate colleague as much as he did! That boys' club usually sticks together. Our Great Orange Satanic leader's back 2 nights in a row! :D Parts of the Great Orange Satan were redacted to show what these bills could do to internet content. Markos thinks these bills need to be scrapped & start the process all over again. He's not real thrilled with Dems & how they've reacted today. Hollywood is threatening to cut off donations to President Obama if he doesn't at least stay neutral on this subject. NICE!

#4 "Pipe Down" AKA "Pipeline Dream" - The present form of the Keystone Pipeline proposal is officially kaput, which we all kind of thought would happen anyway because the State Department had said 60 days wasn't enough time to make a decision. The GOBP is still clinging to those overinflated job creation claims - a huge shock, I know. ;D AND, Speaker Sobber is a major investor in the companies that stand to profit from the pipeline's construction. HOW CONVENIENT! TransCanada will reapply once they figure out a new place for the thing to go. MENSA members in SC threw in their less - than - 2 cents' worth. Mark Ruffalo gets pipeline - or not - duty. The oil in the pipeline is going to the Gulf of Mexico TO BE EXPORTED TO OTHER COUNTRIES; the oil will not stay here! He thinks an actual serious conversation about green energy alternatives needs to begin post haste. And, he had some warm & fuzzy thoughts for Speaker Sobber. ;D 

"Time Marches On!" - A FL television station camera man lost control of the camera. A guy decided he didn't need to stinkin' axe or chainsaw to bring down a damn tree!

#3 "Newt & Friends" AKA "Party of Newt" - Newtie wants all the non - Mittens MENSA members to drop out & unite behind him. Yea...right... Newt is on a slight rebound after being especially hateful in the debate the other night. Mittens cranked out more anti - Newt ads featuring former House members while Newt was Speaker! Hello?! Sam Stein gets MENSA duty. He made a faboo point; none of the folk who Newt wants to drop out are even gonna be on the damn ballot in VA - including Newt! Newt's even admitted that if Mittens wins Saturday, the par - tay is over. Mittens has Cayman Islands funds, too! Again, Mittens is the poster child for the 1%. One of Newtie's ex - wives might be interviewed? Well...well...well!

WPITW - BillO & Bernard Goldberg are secret "blah" men! ;D Some lady in Baltimore doesn't like transgender equality. If y'all can 'splain her logic to me, I'm all ears. Newtie was all sorts of "WTS?!" speaking to some home builders.

#1 "Farts in Space" AKA "Blast Off!" - Yea! We get to bring out our inner adolescent juvenile with Derrick Pitts' help! :D Early NASA workers were smart enough to test for that possibility because, in case ya' hadn't heard, you can light a fart! :D During a scene in The Right Stuff, and I'm sure this happened in real life, they wouldn't let Alan Shephard pee in his suit for the longest time because they thought it might short out. Farts as fuel?! Why the spark not!! :D We shot down a Russian space craft? Oh, I guess we didn't. And, we are finding new planets all the damn time!

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Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Jan 18, 2012 at 06:24 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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