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According to wikipedia, one Andrew Adler has been the owner/publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times for a few years now.


According to the wikipedia entry :In January 2012, :  

Mr. Adler had to apologize for an editorial suggesting that the State of Israel assassinate President Obama as a way to deal with a nuclear-armed Iran
I think you have to read Mr Adler's article to see if that description is adequate or accurate.  I find his scenario of "three options" a bit bizarre, but sure enough ... option 3 is for Mr Netanyahu to
give the go ahead to US based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel.
The article and its impact are examined here:

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You can't get the flavor of Mr Adler's speculations without reading the full text provided here:


While the Atlanta Jewish Times has an "owner-publisher" in Mr Adler, it also has an editor, one Amy Whitney.

We can assume that owners of media are not always versed in the ethics, responsibilities and judgement that journals might hope to aspire to. This is why the editor exists.  To exercise judgement. To decide.

If you have read Mr Adler's speculative article " What Would You Do?"  ....if you were Mr Netanyahu
you may wish to endorse, amend or object to the following letter I have sent to Ms Whitney regarding the article.

Remember that Sen. Edward M Kennedy spent time on the "no fly list" for a while due to bureaucratic confusion.  Mr Adler and his editor have gone beyond bureaucratic confusion I believe.


Dear Amy Whitney:

You are listed as the editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times.  I have to assume that this suggests you decide what gets published in the AJT ... or... it is possible that your paper's owner, Mr. Andrew Adler insists that the paper publish his submissions no matter what they contain.

In the first case, you may have approved "What Would You Do?" for print.  If this is the case you really ought to submit your resignation.
You really cannot be an "editor" of a community newspaper and "take a pass" for publishing a speculation about the assassination of the president of the United States of America. Whether Mr Adler apologizes of not, you printed an "apology in advance" for Mr Netanyahu using Mossad assets in the USA to kill a popularly elected president of the USA who is not obligated to defend Israel at any time in any case.
A US president is not obligated to do Israel's bidding.  He is constitutionally prohibited from serving any other country's interests than America's.  

Your name stands as the editor who approved printing a thinly veiled threat to Mr Obama, an unveiled suggestion that Mossad has "hit teams" available inside the USA.  This is an open admission that you have the title of "editor" and absolutely no idea what responsibilities that title entails.
Or perhaps you found the Mr Adler's article worthy? In that case you will most surely deserve any Secret Service background checks and surveillance you have brought upon yourself.  It is my hope that you find it imposing.

The late Senator Edward M Kennedy, D. Mass., was on a no-fly list for some time.  I think you would have to agree that your name deserves to be on that list far more.  Senator Kennedy would abhor the kiting of presidential assassination speculations.  You apparently.. not so much.

Then there is the second possibility.

Mr Andrew Adler has named you editor, but plunks his musings down on your desk for publication and you do not feel you can turn down.
In this case you are not the editor. You are a functionary and stooge.  In this case you are a more likeable person. A Bob Cratchet with a cranky Scrooge to deal with. A human caught in a human situation.  You may or may not have even contemplated what Mr Adler suggested in "What Would You Do?"

If this is the case I now suggest that you examine a few pictures of Barack Obama with his wife and daughters. Look at them closely and consider what was published in the AJT with your name listed as editor.

Once again, you have no honorable option other than resignation.  Mr Adler has made a monkey of you by expecting that you would send an coy invitation to assassination by Mr Netanyahu of Mr Obama.

Can you imagine how you would feel if what is hinted at in Adler's article actually transpired?

I will look at the homepage of the AJT again in a few days.  I certainly hope that your name will be gone from the staff listings for your sake of your personal integrity.

If you have the integrity required of someone styled as "editor" of any journal, you are duty and honor bound to resign.
If you lack the integrity required of someone styled as "editor" of any journal, you are also duty and honor bound to resign.

Imagine if I asked Mr Netanyahu to consider all the options about how to deal with your incompetence using assets of a foreign power living near you?

( BWildered )

( I live thousands of miles away from you and am a pacifist, a human rights advocate.  I am no threat to you in any way. Don't you think President Obama deserves the same sense of comfort I offer to you?   I simply expect you to do the right thing.  Good luck rationalizing your way out of that.)  

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Ms Whitney, editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times, ought to

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