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It's not right to gloat at other people's discomfort .... but

You gotta think they had it coming. Well, I peeked over at what the poor deluded souls at FoxNews.com were saying about the latest news on the SGK fiasco, and was not disappointed.

Below the squiggle is a tiny fraction of the anger and dismay going on over there -- maybe even a smaller fraction that the percentage of funds SGK gives to actual services and research.

So join me in briefly admitting to gloating in the reversal of fortunes in this war on women. ... Until the next battle, of course.


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    foxpat Just now in reply to hasadigaeebowai
    Tell that to the baby who just went home after being born 16 weeks in the womb!!! I bet she will laugh a lot with you!!!

    birmancat Just now
    "We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women's lives” -- SG Komen quote.”
    If that’s the truth, why did they even consider halting cancer screenings in the first place? Fortunately, public pressure from decent Americans stopped the big_ots at SGK from denying assistance to poor women and women of color.  
    Once again, the forces of evil have been stopped by honest, caring Americans.

    texasjihadi Just now
    This actually saves me cash and time in two ways. 1. I don't have to donate to the cause and I dont have to pay for my wife and kids to do their stupid runs/walks or whatever. 2. They are taking future generations of thugs off the street by aborting them before they cost me 15 yrs of welfare then court cost then jail time.

    maaxflux Just now in reply to loyalright

    kimea Just now
    Republicans are in the Dark ages on everything....OBAMA 2012

    postcomic Just now
    Planned Parenthood, haters of the unborn...

    unforgiven69 Just now in reply to donttreadonme53

    Unfortunate your momma did not use a coathanger on you !

    nomorelies2012 Just now in reply to lightlie

    WHERE ON EARTH did you make that up from OBAMATARD? LOLOLOL

    hasadigaeebowai Just now
    hahahahahaha... dividing mass of cells is not a human, no working brain = no human..... hahahahahahaha

    foxpat Just now in reply to brightrworld
    Check your stats, Jumeu Greene said it was 150,000 bre ast exams!!!

    Portia2708 Just now
    Funniest thing on here...the Right wing nuts keep saying they will NOT fund Komen because they changed their mind about supporting a pro-abortion organization, PP...Komen ALWAYS funded PP and the supposed reason they were going to stop has NOTHING to do with abortions but that they were under investigation...too funny

    Raptoraddict Just now in reply to Rita Hoeffner
    Really, did you think that last week? Tard!

    rsdfwd Just now
    Guess what? For the most part, PP doesn't do bre ast cancer screening - it refers the women out. Donate to the organizations that actually do it.

    loyalright Just now
    It shold be called "Planned Parentless".

    donttreadonme53 Just now
    Abortion should not be a form of Birth Control...it's murder.

    Most women that have had one never get over it...especially when they are young.

    Why do you think that Planned Parenthood doesn't show them a Sonogram?

    Nope, they hurriedly punch a hole in the baby's skull and suck out it's brain...and then the rest of it's body.

    timothy1000 Just now
    Dear founder of the Coathangers for Christian Babies, I suggest that you save your time and investment.  Christians, unlike most users of Planned Parenthood, love their babies.  Coathangers will not be necessary.

    brightrworld Just now
    Planned Parenthood services help prevent more than 584,000 unintended pregnancies each year.
    Planned Parenthood provides nearly 770,000 Pap tests and nearly 750,000 breast_exams each year, critical services in detecting cancer.
    Planned Parenthood provides more than four million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
    Three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services.

    lightlie Just now
    I guess you conservatives aren't the majority after all. There are more people in this country who stand up for cilvil rights. Go join the Tal iban if you like oppression.

    unforgiven69 0 minutes ago

    Am going to start a new organization called  "COATHANGERS FOR CHRISTIAN BABIES ", with the specific

     intent to rid this Country of the spawn of Christian couples !

    nomorelies2012 0 minutes ago

    Maybe it is not a bad thing DEMS use abortions for birth control.

    warights 0 minutes ago
    Next time someone asks for a pledge for Susan B. Komen, remember that it will help to fund abortion, and instead fight cancer with another agency.  

    Here is one that seems to be underserved - http://testicularcancerawarene...

    Rita Hoeffner 0 minutes ago
    Agreed - they lost my support as well.  I 100% approved of their stance on pulling funding from PPH - in fact, had I known the supported PPH in the first place I would never have supported them originally.  Don't now and never will again - the foundation is a farce.  Unfortunately, as are most foundations anymore.

    faldo12 0 minutes ago
    More_niggering_with an organization with a different agenda.....Planned Parenthood is a great fund raiser for the DNC.

    goffe 0 minutes ago
    hahahahaha Republicans lose again.....unemployment going down jobs up stock market up more bad news for the doom & Gloom Fox team...hahahahaha OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!

    drigman 0 minutes ago
    I had no idea that Susan Komen foundation was giving money to murderers. Whow...I will remove them from our foundations we support.

    darkfall47 1 minute ago
    The socialist progressive don't win...we give in.  It's time to just say NO!  Stand with G o d and we win everytime.
    2 people liked this.

    Progressives_R_Cancer 0 minutes ago in reply to darkfall47
    If you don't stand with God you will fall for anything.  Progressives prove this to be true.

    mersey 1 minute ago
    Let's see how long it takes for Obama to slide some taxpayer money to this organization through the back door.

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