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No, this is not news to many on here but civility and kindness is found in few places.
When the puritans set foot on the New World, they quickly summed up the red people as savages.  The puritans were spouting the beginning of what would become the norm for projection.  The people from the Catholic church were escaping the tyrrany of the church and yet they brought the tyrrany with them.  You know you are all grown up and have gained some wisdom when you look around and say this is a nation of savages.  The native americans were doing just fine without the white man and his progressive ideas of what civility was.

  If I were a Native American as my husband, I would be so angry with this country and the hypocrisy of civility and I would be looking for a few bow and arrows.  I am not race baiting.  I am thoroughly disgusted with the lawless, evil, mean spirited, cruel, bigoted and hypocrisy of this country.  People would say, "If you feel that way, why not leave".  And go where?  America has bombed. intimidated, traded and influenced so many soverign nations that there is little refuge,
History is just a myth agreed upon because I was certainly not taught the truth in schools.  I was never taught the real truth in churches and my truth at home was shielded to a point.  We have reached the edge of the cliff folks.  Chaos has become a lifestyle.

 No one can escape drama unless they isolate themselves in either a world of luxury like the Mitt Romneys and not have a clue or hide out in the jungles or mountains as many have chosen to do.  Close their eyes and wait for total destruction.  I personally would like to be the change along with millions to get things in an orderly, civil manner but it is too big.  It is too out of control.  Where do we begin?  The Native Americans had tribes and leaders of their tribes.  They did have a sense of order.  They were passionate and stewards of the land.  They fished and hunted and took care of what they had.  OK, here is exactly what the puritans called savage.  They didn't wear pink tights and powdered wigs.  They wore the skins of animals but they did not know about the silkworm nor the machinery to design the makings of silly fluff.  They lived off the land because it was not polluted which also was introduced by the new pioneers.  They held meetings to discuss decisions of importance and they relied on the earth and elders for healing and medicines.  The Chief was held in high esteem and was respected.  The savagery would come if you
challenged the Chief because days were numbered for such a thing.  
Please jump below the fold to really look at what we are and how we took down a land


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In just a little over  200 years we have managed to destroy Planet Earth.  We, the American people with our hypocrisy and propaganda.  The timeline and events are astounding.  
We polluted the land from Plymouth Rock to the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
We polluted the waters with our progress.
We killed off the fish, the wildlife with our hunger for oil and gold

Women were burned at the stake for having opinion and called witches.
Women were forced to wear scarlet letters.

The American Indians were introduced to the substances of alcohol and gunpowder
The new owners of the new world made trips to Africa and rounded up slaves to become their personal pets.
The men armed themselves and started making war for land and if they had to kill every Red person alive, they had to rid themselves of what they deemed savage.
The people built little  buidlings that sat on a hill as they sang song of praise to a God they did not bother to learn about.  
They actually progressed from the above to be given warning of such deception of
hypocrisy...  Sounds like the Native American were on the right path with their Great Spirit.

The Red people meditated on their surroundings and danced for rain and held their hands to the sun and protected the sky and did believe in things bigger than they were and referred to this Holy being as The Great Spirit.  They did not refer to this power as a label.  They did not divide up the gifts of goodness as being a certain doctrine.  They did not impose their beliefs on the masses and judge.

The New World inhabitants invited people from all over the world to indulge in this new ' way of life.  They accepted a statue from France and erected it in a harbor that now is known for hypocrisy and intolerance.  
They built buidlings to teach the young just enough to make money and count it but  They excluded people from education.  The slave children were now excluded because they should remain pets and not know anything about the grand plan.  The reds were secure at this point after being killed and rounded up and walked a trail of tears to far away places.  Few escaped this type of civility.  The red people had lost much of their language and many left their native beliefs to try and be part of what was once their own country.  They had been invaded and these foreign ideas were not going to change.

 The yellow men and women came into the new world and found their place in kitchens and restaurants to work for the wealthy and  To work in hot cleaners to press clothes for the people with the gold.  They would be rounded up when war broke out in Europe so the whites and their black pets would be safe from retribution as we dropped the  big bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Our civility was now upscaled to evaporating people as we fought people who were being exterminated.   The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  The churces were all judging people and not allowing the great Spirit to do his job.  Of course this is precisely what happened in the beginning when women were burned at the stake.  Secret clubs were forlmed with men dressed in robes and sheets all in the name of God to persecute and kill the black man who dared to think he was as good as his masters and even though one of those white men in power freed him from slavery, it was just ink on paper, because that color still had no rights to vote or even a right to read or go to the same places as the people with the fair skin.   Entertainers would mock the heritage of the black heritage and dress up in black face and pretend they had the talent of the people of color.  We are all people of color, just different shades but today as then, people do not want to accept the truth.
People with disabilities were sent to places so the people who had all arms, legs and mind did not have to bother with them.  They took up time and money.  They were caged like animals.  Old people were put in places to be watched and some beaten and again, the so called civil nation did not want to be bothered.
This country was not happy to have all of this progress in their own domain so they went and invaded all over the world.  The formed institutions of all kinds and put judges and wardens and huge religious or so called religious leaders to dominate the people.  They hated new ideas.  They hated diversion.  They mostly just hated.  They taught their children to hate.  This country put arsenic in the water to drink, poison in ttheir medicines, foxes to oversee hen houses and they dare to call the redman SAVAGE !!!  Up is down, down is up and the new frontier and new world is spiraling out of control with their evil ways that have spread across the globe.  They threw some crumbs to the savages, the pets, the disabled people they really felt were freaks and tpeople with alternate sex lives were called queer and not worth saving.  

WE ARE A SAVAGE NATION.  I believe in dealing with reality.  I believe in knowing truth, and I don't think I over exaggerated what America is.  Who owns this country?
The Devil of Money ! The Demons of hatred!  The money zealots and no classwarfare is not new.
We are just more aware and maybe we all would have been better to not know this truth because now we are all dying from slow deaths and suicides and the pain of truth is overwhelming.  I still choose to know my enemy and the enemy is us.  The Savages.
No wonder the veterans are sick and overwhelmed with guilt.  Those that deal with truth.  They were lied into wars, and we have all been lied to about Our country tiss of thee.

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Originally posted to Vetwife on Sun Feb 12, 2012 at 09:22 AM PST.

Also republished by History for Kossacks.

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