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That's the title of a Newsbusters article on this issue.

Please revisit all the liberals who called Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" effort urging conservatives to vote for Hillary Clinton "undemocratic" and worse. Because Daily Kos blog boss Markos Moulitsas announced on Wednesday "Operation Hilarity," urging liberals to turn out and vote for Rick Santorum to "keep the GOP clown show going!"
some reader reactions:
Operation Chaos got Obama into the White House. Let's see if this garbage gets Santorum into the White House.

The odd thing is that their point of ridicule against Santorum is that he is an individual person with his own thought and values. The left cannot stand that.

Liberals never have an original idea.
They are always patterning their actions after something on the right.
And we're seeing it now. As much as I despise the writers at Daily Kos, they're not doing anything illegal. If they gum up the process, the Republicans can thank their own blindness.

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and some reactions from FReep:

I see this coming back to bite them on the ass in a big way.
Agreed. Santorum has been my guy once the establishment hacks got rid of Cain.

This situation does make me even more in favor of party registration and closed primaries. The Virginia General Assembly killed the bill to do just that. Idiots.

I’m sick of the other side choosing our candidates.

I guess when you live in your Mom's basement, are a full time student working toward a Master's in "Women and Ethnic Studies", are collecting student aid, food stamps and welfare, you can afford to take the political future of America as a joke. Out here in the real world, there's nothing funny about it.
(that one's my favorite.)
I think Rush was wrong with operation chaos....I do believe it may have some impact giving us ‘the messiah’ over Hilary...who is no breath of fresh air either...but I do believe would have been more beatable.
I see this coming back to bite them on the ass in a big way.
I would agree, if I thought the Daily Kos actually has the number of readers necessary to effect the outcome of the primaries.
Good for the Kos. Lets hope it backfires on them like it backfired on Rush.
For even the most brain dead, of the Santorum supporters, it is quite obvious that the Left does not only hope Santorum is the GOP nominee, they are doing all they can to make it happen.
Hey, a vote is a vote. Go out and vote for him. Santorum will take it.

Remember this, though, Operation Chaos was ultimately a failure. It kept the process going a bit longer, but in the end, Obama still ended up winning the nomination and Presidency. Those who don’t learn from history...

They may be doing us a huge favor......................unwittingly, of course.........
Romney will be the weakest opponent vs Obama.

So, if this will get someone besides Romney the nomination, go for it.

After all, if it’s fair for the GOP establishment to attempt to swing the nomination to Romney (moving up the primaries, calling the wrong winner in Iowa, not counting all the votes in Maine, etc...) why is it any worse for liberals—who have a legal right to vote in the primaries (at least they aren’t committing vote fraud)—to try and swing the nomination to someone else?

"Operation Hilarity" is appropriately named because the joke will be on Markos Moulitsas.
I report, you decide. For the record, I am anti Operation Hilarity.
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