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With the people of Syria.

With the people of Greece.

With other Occupies.

And with the Prisoners' Rights Movement.

Today, Occupy Oakland, Occupy San Francisco, and various Prisoners' Rights Organizations reaped the results of their massive organizational effort in helping to create Occupy For Prisoners, a National Day of Action. There is now a large protest rally in front of the gates of San Quentin. At least four busses full of people left from downtown Oakland alone, suggesting a crowd of at least 500 people all told on this dreary, cold day with the potential for rain.

Michael Siegel @OaktownMike
Hella proud of #OO folks rolling to San Quentin, six buses deep! What better target than the Prison Industrial Complex? @Occupy4Prisoner
Thereare at least a couple of livestreams available.  Bella Eiko and acristofani.
Busses at the ready at 14th & Broadway. OakFoSho.

Off the busses and ready to march. Allie123


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Yesterday, at Occupy Oakland's General Assembly, OO responded with a "hella thanks" to all the other Occupies who supported us in the wake of the January 28th police riot, and a statement of support to those Occupies recently evicted.


This statement was passed on 2/19/2012 at the Occupy Oakland GA.
Occupy Oakland, still without a home, stands in solidarity with Occupy
Newark, Occupy Houston, Occupy Washington DC, Occupy Miami, Occupy
Pittsburgh, Occupy Maine and all other occupations across the world
that have recently been evicted or face eviction.
Occupy Oakland sends a "hella shout-out" to all Occupies across the
world which marched, passed solidarity statements and sent us letters of
support in the wake of J28. And to our brothers and sisters across the
Pond at Occupy London Stock Exchange, hella thanks for a "hella
video." This all has brought tears of joy to our eyes and renewed
steel to our resistance.
Occupy Oakland also issued two statements of solidarity, one to the people of Syria, being slaughtered in their own streets, and one to the people of Greece, being crushed by austerity measures to the benefit of the one percent.


This statement was passed on 2/19/2012 at the Occupy Oakland GA.
Occupy Oakland stands in solidarity with the people of Homs and Hama,
and all the people of the cities of Syria who have been shot at,
shelled, terrorized and murdered for daring to peacefully protest their
government. We stand with all the peoples of Syria who are struggling
to free themselves from the oppressive dictatorship of Bashir
al-Assad and live without fear.


This statement was passed on 2/19/2012 at the Occupy Oakland GA.
Occupy Oakland stands in solidarity with the ninety-nine percent in
Greece. We support your struggle against the austerity measures imposed
by one percenters both foreign and domestic; policies which will plunge
your country into a depression and lead to economic ruin. Truly,
European banks are being bailed out while an entire nation is being
sold out. From Oakland to Athens, those who suffer from economic
oppression cry out: "No Justice, No Peace!"
Of course you would never know any of this by watching or reading the main stream media, even locally. Nor would you know that Occupy Oakland's TAC conducted a completely peaceful four mile march on Saturday night from Oakland City Center to UC Berkeley. If you did hear about the march it's probably because you were on Daily Kos that evening.  

Would you have read about it in the morning papers if a single person had broken a window, thrown a bottle at some police officer, or burned a flag? As a certain someone would say,

"You betcha!"

Occupy Oakland arrives at San Quentin

12:32 PM PT:
Occupy Oakland @OccupyOakland  

March has arrived at Gates of San Quentin Prison. Chant is "Inside, Outside, We're all on the same side!" #F20 #OO #OccupyOakland

12:37 PM PT: Bella's livestream is best

1:03 PM PT:
Alyssa @alyssa011968  

#OccupyOakland #OO I'd say prob can't see everyone 700+ here. twitpic.com/8mjgok
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Originally posted to jpmassar on Mon Feb 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM PST.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, SFKossacks, and Progressive Policy Zone.

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