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I have been perplexed by the Republican preoccupation with Sharia Law, rattling on as if Islam was going so somehow take over our country through as series of voter referendums, or something.

While some Republicans warn that the code of law could infiltrate American culture, scholars and experts say there's little chance of the justice system being overtaken by Islamic rule.

The Family Leader — an Iowa-based Christian conservative group — has asked GOP presidential-nomination hopefuls in the last few weeks to sign a "Marriage Vow" that includes a pledge to reject "Sharia Islam and all other anti-woman, anti-human-rights forms of totalitarian control." And earlier this year, Republican hopeful Herman Cain said he would not be comfortable appointing a Muslim to his Cabinet or the federal bench.

"There is this attempt to gradually ease sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government," Cain told Think Progress, a liberal blog. "It does not belong in our government."

Scholars and experts be damned! WTF do THEY know?

Republicans clearly know better.


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In the interest of transparency and to let readers know my sentiments on the issue, I think republicans are sociopathic liars, one and all At least those at the level of Mayor on up. Regular, day-to-day people who identify with the republican brand, maybe not so muc; but any of them that have lifted a finger to runj for office are liars. cheats, racists, and worse.

However, I have been relatively clueless about what I have seen as a huge nonsense issue, this Sharia Law stink they keep wanting to start.


Nobody in their right mind will believe such a thing. It's PREPOSTEROUS!

But then I was reading Meteor Blades Daily Kos post:Newly enacted abortion laws taking personal toll. Texas requires invasive sonograms, too. In reading through comments I believe the answer has dawned on me:

Republicans KNOW they intend to enact as many heinously draconian laws as possible and to deflect attention from this agenda they are simply trying the "Hey! Look over there! technique.
Republicans, as most of us who see things clearly have known since the Bush Years, have wanted to turn this former bastion of freedom into a version of the Handmaid's Tale, a hardass Christian Theocracy that would seem different from Islamic customs only because of the clothing people wear and the general absence of beards....as well as the blinding whiteness of the Republican party and the 1%.

Their ugly and mean-spirited war on women - assailing personal choice, forcing them through all manner of humiliations, assailing Planned Parenthood; the list is endless - is absolutely no different than some cave-dwelling Mullah in Afghanistan howling about men not growing their beards or throwing acid on the faces of girls attending school. (Republicans are anti-education to: I swear they go bowling with Mulluahs).

Their agenda, their goals, their values are so very similar to the goals and values of hardline Islam, a concrete, narrow, and clearly mean-spirited interpretation of Old Testament Law that they have decided, as they are good at doing, to jump ahead of the complaints by distracting the 'public discourse' away from their intentions and onto the specter of "Sharia Law, much as they try to cover their myriad schemes to commit vote fraud by whining about vote fraud all the time.

Republicans WANT Sharia Style Law because they intend to implement a Christian Theocracy no different than Sharia Law.

To paraphrase Ol' Herman Cain:

There is this attempt to gradually ease sharia Old Testament law and the Muslim Christian faith into our government," Cain told Think Progress, a liberal blog. "It does not belong in our government."
No Hermy... it doesn't.
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