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I'm missing another MENSA meeting tonight; the perfect streak continues! :D


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And, what a perfect transition to SPARK! :) If this lady tells you to get off her lawn, you damn well better GET OFF HER LAWN. Were you peeved off about the whole Mormons - Baptizing - People - After - They've - Died memo? Here's a way to enact some "divine" vengence. ;D


This guy watched the classic John Belushi SNL character way too much!

Finally, this discovery beats the hell out of finding a dollar bill in the dryer.

Let's Countdown!

#5 "Bracketology" AKA "Taxes & Tumbles" - Uh, if big corporations are already figuring out how to not have to pay any taxes AND even get rebates, why all the $itching about a 28% rate?!


Something also tells me that those new taxes for big oil & similar entities won't ever see the light of day. Mittens supposedly wants a lower rate for everyone. Everyone will be taxed at 28%; big corporations will be at 25%. He also said that cutting spending would slow the economy?! Is this another example of Mittens going off - script??!!


Man on Dog doubled down on his Satan comments, AND he said the Dems are the party of Woodstock & free love & stuff. GOOD! Wasn't Senator Alan Simpson probably in the Senate at the same time as Man on Dog? He probably knows from whence he speaks. Mittens & Man on Dog are in a statistical dead heat in MI. And, how 'bout our Crooner in Chief?! :D Nia Malika Henderson gets dueling tax duty.

Much of President Obama's plan was revealed in the SOTU. The super rich will pay even fewer taxes than they do now under Mittens' plan - again, poster child for the 1%. And, our Great Orange Satanic leaders gets some MENSA duty, too!


Markos thinks MENSA members get more bat$hit as they get older. Oh good sparkin' grief, what will Bat$hit Bachmann be like as a senior citizen???!!! There is also diminishing interest in the GOBP candidates. Gee, I simply cannot imagine why!

#4 "VA Probing Questions" AKA "Probing Questions" - Earlier today, Governator Bob McDonnell indicated that he was no longer backing the vaginal probe ultrasound aspect of his little crusade against abortion. However, part of the law still in the works is the requirement of a gestational age of the fetus, which Keith says can only be determined by that horrid vaginal probe ultrasound. Really? The goo - type external ultrasound can't determine that? Irin Carmon gets to chat up the war on abortion in Virginia in - studio. Yea, no matter what passes in that state, women will have to undergo medically unnecessary medical procedures for a perfectly legal procedure. Also, if a woman doesn't want those vaginal ultrasounds, she'll have to wait until a bit later in the pregnancy when an external ultrasound will produce the results demanded in the law. *&^%$#@!


"Time Marches On!" - A bridge blowed up real good between Ohio & West Virginia. Adele didn't take too kindly to being cut off from an acceptance speech across the pond, so she showed the crowd who was "number 1"! A basketball analyst had his stool knocked out from under him but kept right on reporting.

#3 "NYPD BOO" AKA "Studying While Muslim" - New York City's finest have been racially profiling Muslims not only in the 5 boroughs but also in neighboring states & in 16 universities. Wow. The Yale president ain't thrilled. Mayor Putz doesn't understand the Yale president's problem. Adam Goldman was 1 of the AP reporters who uncovered all this Muslim profiling ilk in the NYPD. Members of Congress have asked the DOJ to investigate these profilings, but the DOJ has done jack & $hit.

WPITW - Here's the Scum Andrew Breitbart; he lost a Twitter war with David Shuster. :) Uh, should I recognize the clip Keith used in tonight's mash - up? Mormons in the Dominican Republic did a dead Mormon baptism - this time with Anne Frank. CLASSY! See above SPARK item for a way to avenge. ;D And, here's that IN state rep who thinks the Girl Scouts is in league with Planned Parenthood. So, I guess he doesn't have any Girl Scout daughters, and no Girl Scout in her right mind will EVER try to sell him cookies AGAIN.

This dude represents the Ft. Wayne area, which is hell & gone from me, but I do have to share breathing space with the guy when the legislature's in session. *&^%$#@!

#1 "FOX - Oh, the Places They'll Go!" AKA "Dobbs Fury" - Lou Dobbs thinks Dr. Seuss is the newest biggest threat to...uh...well.


Maysoon Zayid gets Dr. Seuss duty! :D She came up with some winner Dr. Seuss GOBP titles. I bet Lou Dobbs REALLY doesn't like this!

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Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Feb 22, 2012 at 06:03 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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