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In all the discussion about the Blunt Amendment and women's reproductive rights, a crucial bit of logic has been largely overlooked. The Blunt Amendment, if passed, would not only destroy health care policy as we know it. Instead, it would create what DocGonzo calls "Theocratic Anarchy."

In his comment on Friday March 2, DocGonzo clearly states the argument:

If this travesty were law, it would have made the US a theocratic anarchy. It would have made any person's unprovable and acceptably arbitrary "moral conscience", indistinguishable from a made-up assertion, govern what laws govern them. It would have made a boss' whim control the moral behavior of any employee who depended on their job to fund their behavior. It would have made the "law of god", even if made up on the spot, rule over "the law of man". In Greek that could be said "theocracy rules over democracy". A theocracy defined by anyone with a management job: a theocratic anarchy.
In other words, any employer could claim any moral or religious position and ignore standing law, not just relative to health care or insurance, but on any issue. All the hypotheticals we've seen regarding coverage of birth control or other reproductive care, blood transfusions, vaccinations, diabetic care for those who "eat too much," etc., these don't begin to scratch the surface. An employer could claim exemption from any law such as OSHA/workplace safety laws, minimum wage, or any other, on the basis of their claimed religious or moral beliefs. Corporations will be able to rape the Earth with no constraints, claiming that "man is to have dominion over the Earth."

But let's take that another step farther. After all, why stop at employers? If the Blunt Amendment or some iteration of it passes, it gives free rein to ANYONE to ignore the law based on claimed beliefs. If I don't believe in paying taxes, I won't need to. If my neighbor believes the Bible says having multiple wives or keeping slaves is allowed and right, they can.

There is NOTHING out of bounds if the Blunt Amendment is passed.

Theocratic Anarchy: no rule of law except each person's or organization's own interpretation of what is allowed based on their beliefs.

The only upside? No legislators would be needed, as no law passed would ever have teeth again.


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Originally posted to Melanie in IA on Sun Mar 04, 2012 at 06:56 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.


If the Blunt Amendment is passed, it will lead to

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