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George Will had this to say about the Republican Presidential candidate field:

They want to bomb Iran, but they’re afraid of Rush Limbaugh.
And doesn't that really just say it all about this lot of posturing, swaggering, blustering cowards? They can send other people's sons to fight and die to keep Iran from having a bomb - but they dare not offend Rush.

They can scream bloody murder about women having access to birth control - but they can't tell their base the truth about taxes.

They can question President Obama's loyalty to American values, but they can't say a word against rampant hatred of Muslims in their own party.

Embedded video below the Orange Squiggle of Power. Yes, Will does put in some of the standard Village pablum about "both sides do it" - tell me when a figure equivalent to Rush Limbaugh on the left called a young woman a slut, asked for her to post videos of her sex life on the Internet, and said she had boyfriends lined up around the block, George.


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So I'd like to point out that while Will is quite correct that the Four Horse's Asses of the GOPocalypse are cowards, so is George Will. A brave man would have admitted that this sort of behavior is much more prevalent on his side of the debate than on the other. Can you imagine Keith Olbermann going on about a young woman's sex life for 3 days and then issuing such a mealy-mouthed, pablum apology?

So, nice try, George, but now man up and say out loud what everyone knows: Rush and Michael and Sean and Bill and Glenn routinely say things that no prominent liberal ever comes close to saying. It's not this one guy this one time. Your side hates our side. Our side thinks your side is stupid. Hatred is worse and more dangerous than contempt. Deal with it.

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