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Thanks to Current or the person running Current's website, tonight's diary will be sort of a fly - by - nighter minus the usual bells & whistles because, this morning, The Life of David Gale was going to be on instead of Countdown.


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Then, this afternoon, someone over there decided there would be a show after all. By the way, Current, this ain't exactly the way to maintain a loyal fan base.

Let's Countdown...

#5 "Dirty South" AKA "Southern Discomfort" - MS & AL are next in line for MENSA primaries tomorrow night. Mittens is trying REAL hard to come up with an appropriately Southern drawl, and way WAY over half the MENSA citizens in those 2 states either think President Obama is Muslim or lean towards that possibility. Even if he was Muslim, SO WHAT?! The Constitution doesn't mention religious affiliation (or lack thereof) in the rules of who can be POTUS & who can't. Mittens ISN'T enrolling in Medicare?! Well golly! At least he's putting his 1% money where his pie hole is! Mittens won the WY caucus over the weekend, but KS loves its froth! ;D I can't believe Man on Dog's not doing better in MS & AL. He's the exact kind of unflinching uncompassionate Bible thumping "Christians" those folk like down there. Man on Dog's not worried about THE delegate math. He, I guess, was under the assumption there would be no math. :D Most MENSA folk think Mittens will win the nomination, but less than a third of the respondents in a recent poll WANT him to be the nominee. Don't let that popcorn burn, boys & girls! Michael Steele wanted a brokered convention when he was still "leader" of the RNC! I wonder if Rachel will ask him about that? :) Ken Vogel gets MENSA duty pre - MS & AL. Newt claimed Mittens is the most weak front runner in a long damn time, so that makes Newt...uh...the scum at the bottom of the froth? ;D Man on Dog & Newt are big - time delusional when it comes to their thoughts on the delegate count - just 1 of ZILLIONS of issues about which they're big - time delusional. The longer both of them stick around this process, the better things will be for Mittens - at least in the short term. Craig Crawford gets Foghorn Mittens duty. :D He can't decide if he likes catfish or not. I'll count myself as pro - catfish but anti - grits. :) Mittens might be sending some coin to Mr. Casino Man & Mr. Aspirin Man to keep their respective fellers in the race?! HA! Mittens is the most comfortable around the super rich; paint me surprised - NOT!

#4 "Pump & Circumstance" AKA "Pumped Up Numbers" - Those who 4 years ago said GWB could not & should not be blamed for high gas prices are blaming President Obama for high gas prices. DON'T CHA' JUST LOVE IT?! *&^%$#@! A slight drop in President Obama's approval number may or may not have anything to do with citizens' perception on his control of gas prices. Rep. Kill Medicare is itching about not being to fill up his monster truck on his way to a ski trip. Joe Williams gets to talk about who is full of gas. The administration is trying very hard to 'splain to we, the people, just what DOES influence gas prices. "Surrogates" in the administration are trying to explain the Keystone Pipeline could actually raise gas prices in the Midwest & won't be a job - creator. Domestic drilling has gone up since Barack Obama's election. The role of speculators (who happen to be part of the 1%) is also attempted to be explained. Newt's claiming he can bring us $2.50/gallon gas. Yea, he can bring the gas, all right - a whole mess of hot air, too!

"Time Marches On!" - KEITH MENTIONED JACK KEROUAC'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY $HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew about the baseball stuff, of course. :D Possums are snow boarding. A high school basketball game featured a hell of a last shot & a hell of an excited radio play - by - play! :)

#3 "Nightmare in Afghanistan" - So, as far as the horrible shootings in Afghanistan this past weekend, how was a soldier with traumatic brain injury cleared to go back "to the front"??!! He served 3 tours in Iraq & came from a base in WA with a high number of suicides & other horrid issues. After the shootings, the soldier returned to base & turned himself in. Again, how was someone with TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY allowed to fight again?! Ethan Casey gets to talk about yesterday's horrible events in Afghanistan. We are in SO MUCH denial about what soldiers & vets go through and what they are allowed to go through. Ya' know, the fact that we're supposed to be drawing down forces makes the practice of sending soldiers back with traumatic brain injury all the more WTS! Mr. Casey's seeing a helicopters in Saigon scenario when we try to leave Afghanistan. Goody. *&^%$#@! We haven't done a real good job with recognizing the "shared humanity" with Muslims in that part of the world.

#2 "'True' Believers" AKA "Dixie Derangement" - I alluded to the MENSA mentality in MS & AL on the subject of President Obama's Muslimhood (just made up that word) above. I've said before, and I'll say again, that if these 2 states would like to leave the union again, LET THEM GO. They also don't believe in evolution but like Boss Limbaugh. Our Great Orange Satanic Leader gets MENSA duty! Birtherism ain't dead, boys & girls. That quote was a good one; instead of calling President Obama "the 'n' word", they say all this crap. Some keep trying to combat the lies, but ya' can't fix stupid and willfully ignorant.

#1 "Post Game" AKA "Game Over?" - So, who saw Game Change this weekend? From the clips I've seen, Julianne Moore seemed to be spooky good as $aint $arah from Wasilla - enough to give me the willies! Keith got a mention. :D Steve Schmidt thinks the movie was accurate - so did Nicole Wallace! Maysoon Zayid is in studio to talk Game Change. Keith said Ms. Moore did well, too! And, $aint $arah from Wasilla's way too narcisstic to NOT to have watched the movie.

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Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Mar 12, 2012 at 06:19 PM PDT.

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