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My after the primary hangover is terrible.  


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Last night, the fundamentalist white people's party, I mean the Alabama Republican Party, nominated Rick (I may be Catholic but I am white and authoritarian) Santorum and Newt (I am too old to ask your daughter for a BJ) Gingrich, and effectively put Judge Roy (Ten Commandments) Moore back as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  I did not care about the GOP races and never thought Moore stood a chance since he did so poorly in his last gubernatorial race.  He won 51%.

Judge Roy Moore first came to fame when he denied a lesbian mother custody of her children solely on the grounds of her homosexuality.  The Ten Commandments plaque in his courtroom was noticed by attorneys who were familiar with the first amendment to the US Constitution.  The ensuing furor resulted in the election of Roy Moore the Alabama Supreme Court as Chief Justice.  A sculptor carved a Ten Commandments monument and Roy Moore had it installed in the state's judicial building in the dead of night.  More lawsuits ensued, and Justice Moore refused to obey a Federal Court order.  Eventually he was removed from office.  One can not be an effective justice if one does not buy into the premise of judicial authority and stare decisis.  

Oh, I know the Republicans are irrational.  That is no surprise.  What torments me is that the Democratic Party of Alabama did not recruit a candidate to run against Roy Moore.  Instead, a character out of a Faulkner novel is running.  Harry Lyon is a Pelham, Alabama lawyer known for not getting along with his neighbor and has run for office as both a Republican and Democrat before.   He has suggested public executions, though I am not sure if that is for illegal immigrants or Legislators.   http://weldbham.com/...
Make no mistake, no one from the Democratic party would ever ask Lyon to run.  In fact, the Democratic Party of Alabama did not put up any candidates for the appellate bench.  

As a liberal Alabamian, I protest this refusal to believe that miracles can happen!  A candidate can be found in bed with the proverbial dead girl or live boy!  Or the Rapture could decimate the voting rolls!  We have to fight the good fight!  The lack of political competition in this state is unhealthy.  

I am therefore seeking a candidate who will agree to be the subject of a write in campaign for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  Know any decent lawyers who are members of the Alabama Bar Association?  

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