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Last evening I was reviewing numerous news articles and statements regarding the issue of ultrasound examinations for women preparing to undergo an abortion. I was surprised to find tears falling from my eyes and I realized that if I was a young women now I would not have my son, I would not be a mother, because the GOP would have shamed me from even trying.


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The body of my youth was a rather wonderful thing. It carried me through days of being on horseback gathering cattle, pulling calves at three in the morning, working 16 hand tall mounts in the show ring...it just was not very helpful when it came to having a child.

Without going into too much detail I'll simply relate that my journey involved miscarriages, infections, emergency room visits due to life threatening blood loss...and two abortions.

The culmination of this journey was the birth of my son. He arrived at 2lbs 7oz and is still the best thing that has happened to me and when I leave this world it will be with a smile because of his mere existence.

He is now 30, looks like Neil Patrick Harris' brother, and is simply a grand individual...but if I was facing the same trials today that I did then the result would be quite different.

I could not have faced the GOP's (and I say GOP and not "far right" because the GOP has now become dominated by the far right. Moderates are few and beaten down when they dare to speak) threat to make me feel like a criminal, to be ashamed of my failure, to be treated like some lesser being because my body was not behaving in a manner they deemed acceptable.

This insistence by Republicans to control and diminish women's voices is a concern for all individuals. I've spoken to numerous friends from both sides of the political spectrum who voice fear over what is happening right now across the nation. They aren't sluts, they aren't prostitutes, nor am I.

I'm an Independent, a moderate, a member of the 1%, a mother, and I will not be voting for a single Republican candidate this year..locally or nationally.

My eyes are wide open.

Fri Mar 16, 2012 at  9:14 AM PT: I want to thank the Rangers for the Rescue and also thank each individual who took the time to comment in the Diary. It was written with a bit of pain and your kind words helped more than you can know. Whilst I hardly consider myself a militant the recent actions of the GOP and individuals who are influential leaders such as Rush Limbaugh have become my personal line in the sand. If anyone ever organizes a Women's March on Washington I'll be there.

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Originally posted to Morgan Sandlin on Thu Mar 15, 2012 at 12:30 PM PDT.

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