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With about three weeks to go, God willing, the fact that I will be changing diapers soon is something I am having a tough time wrapping my head around.  

My wife has handled the pregnancy like a champion, not a lot of complaining despite many of the common struggles women face with carrying a baby for 9 months.  I on the other hand have gained 20 pounds and have noticed that my grey hair has been making its presence felt with each passing day only to get worse once she gets to be a teenager.

I damn near ripped the seat belt off attempting to secure the base for our brand new car seat and I still don't think it's tight enough so I am going to the fire station this week to have them double check...


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Everyone tells me that my life is going to change and most of it will be for the better.  I'm noticing some changes in my thought patterns and what I'm passionate about is shifting as I begin to process the arrival of my babygirl and what lies ahead for her.  

I'm less road "ragey" than I used to be but I judge unsafe drivers more harshly than I used to.  I'm more comfortable around younger children than I used to be and I'm less concerned about their public behavior.  I have a fear of babies still and other peoples poop and I think it is because my experience with handling both is limited.

I'm thinking about my health more and my level of patience which was what many have described as infinite has apparently found more space.  I feel more compassion but less for those outside of my family and friends.  I feel like I need to make a more concious effort to take care of the things within my control and let go of more things outside of it. I recognize that I am a part of a community but am starting to realize that my family is to me the most important part of that community.  

I'm less interested in politics or I should say I'm less interested in things of a political nature, politicians, ideologies, parties, things like that.  It all seems to fade away when I think of looking at my baby for the first time.  Although I am still a little peeved about the Rush Limbaugh thing and the contraception deal just seems dumb to me so I guess I could say I'm a little more defensive about stuff related to her.

This is probably the greatest thing I have ever experienced in my life and she's not even here yet.  I wish more people here would talk about the wonderful experience having a baby is.  I can't wait to be a dad and I can't wait to see my wife become a mom.  It really has put a lot of things related to politics and what goes on here and the importance I put on things that don't deserve my attention in to perspective.  

I have my route to the hospital already mapped out...

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