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I joined in September 2006 having reached a breaking point with the Bush administration. For me it wasn't the war at first it was the police state that followed I had heard about this place in the context of Kos's Crashing the Gate. I tried a posting or two over on Hufpo back then and well in the vernacular crickets. Well I signed up and somebody approved of my second comment.

I think I've found a place to come to.


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      Problem was I had a day job, self described "Elderly Parent(s)" and bills to pay and all kinds of rules that would impact employment so I remained anonymous trying to add a voice to what had become of my country. Now here I am and I find myself trying to find out how I'm going to spend the rest of my days.

    Like so many others I find myself collateral damage of the financial meltdown. Yes I used to be be one of those people and long before the Goldman guy wrote the Op-Ed I wrote of my days "On Wall street" I put my words to paper well bits anyway not as a business person but as a 99%r like so many others who worked to keep the "lights on".

    When I was told I was basically a 50+ year old no longer employable
in something I had been involved with for decades I published my story on Amazon's self publishing service. As I Recently quipped to an old friend It's that or selling pencils
on the street corner.

         My father who's still around had put some of his stories to paper and tried the traditional route to no avail and found the Amazon service. I helped him get his Navy stories published and was inspired last October to do the same.

    I've been on line in Facebook and Linked-In for sometime now. Here I've unleashed on any number of issues to the point that someone in management here commented once that they would not want to get on my bad side. I realize today I need to find a new life and this is as good a place as any to start.

Hello My name is Julian Michael Lobachewski and if I may I'd like to stay a while .

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