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For years, I thought that this measly little iron rock, with its pathetic atmosphere, tiny magnetic field, and minor amounts of water, was not alone. I was convinced that other planets existed, but could not conceive of a way to find them.

Luckily, smarter people than I were assigned that task, and understanding the gravity of the situation, They found several means to find more wet, mostly iron rocks, even parsecs away.

Gravity, it seems, provides not only puns and weight, but answers.


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For myself, I use the iPad app Exoplanet. It provides real time information about new planets that we have discovered. The more we learn, the more likely that there is alien life out there. In fact, I am sure we are not alone.

Also for years, I was convinced that the bestest place for aliens to come would be right here. Smack dab in the muddle of the US and A, as Borat calls it.

The most advanced society, the most civilized, the best technology, and the best education - heck, we were the only choice. When aliens came, they would learn to speak American, daggummit.

Well that pipe dream passed. Rather fast, too.

If I truly cared for humanity, which I love as my own, then a sad thought has emerged, after a long and difficult fight. The best way I can express it is thusly:

Dear alien critters:

Thanks for stopping by. I always knew you existed. I hope you have a sense of humor.

Anyway, may I suggest that you head to some truly civilized areas first? Paris, London. Edinburrough, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, or Munich? Brussels would be nice, too. But not here. Definitely NOT the US and A.

Here's why
1. We no longer believe in evolution, all facts and evidence to the contrary. Somehow, our scientific prowess was replaced by religious faith. I cnnot begin to explain why. Anyway, that should be enough, but there is more, sad to say.

2. Global warming theories are being attacked by self serving corporations and their political puppets. Why? For more short term profit.

3. Socially, our nation is a mess. We are cutting aid to the most needy. We are cutting education. We are privatizing well run government systems, and turning them into crap.

4. Once upon a time, we respected not only individuals, but both sexes. No longer. Now if you bleed to breed, you are second class. If that. The attacks on women's rights should be enough to scare you off and send you to Europe, Asia, even parts of Africa. I don't know how many sexes you aliens have, or  how you reproduce, But, be very very careful if you come here. Our religious fanatics may make your lives miserable, in the name of their fairy tale god.

5. Racism. Shit. We fought a very unCivil war over slavery, and for a while, the good guys won. We fought a second war in the 60s, and the numbers 1983 and 1985 actually meant something. No longer. If you are brown, "yellow" (as my racist fiend described my honey), or  just plain "colored"  Ie, black, heed this warning! This country is dangerous to your health.

6. Guns. Dear lawd, do we have guns. And bibles. And guns hidden in bibles. And more guns. And we have laws which allow demented racist pigs to shoot anyone and anything that "scares" or upsets them. In fact anything they cannot understand scares and upsets them. your presence, an alien being, would upset their biblical view of the world, leaving them, one and and only one choice: shoot first, ask questions later. Maybe.

For these reasons, please go somewhere else. Your own safety requires it. Nanu Nanu, and live long and prosper. You won't in today's America.

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