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Now the details are starting to come out a little bit.

I plan on buying some stock in listerine mouthwash since I will be eternally trying to get the taste of puke out of my mouth after listening to that total effing phony Joe Oliver.  

Goodness gracious I almost broke my television.  If there is one thing I hate it is when people to over dramatize a situation to push their agenda.  "Goons" as a term of endearment...give me a effing break.  I'm trying not to swear because I am yet another person who has some emotion invested in to this horrible situation....

I have to admit it is in my nature to take a step back and look at the totality of a situation.  In a situation like this where there is national attention it is easy to get bogged down with some of the larger issues which I am not that concerned about.  


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Trayvon Martin will not be the last nor will he be the most tragic innocent young black American to die without justice.  Not even four months ago a three year old boy was hit by a stray bullet from a drive by in Minneapolis.  He was running up the stairs trying to avoid the unfortunately common gunshots and lost his life in the process.  No arrests there either folks.  I don't believe racial profiling is something I will ever see come to an end in my lifetime, or racism, or discrimination for that matter.  The world will never run out of idiots and it's important to talk about it but humans have been racially profiling each other for thousands of years all over the world and if anyone figures out how to stop it, it won't be us that's for damn sure.

Someone created a diary earlier today that was predictably suppressed by those who didn't like it.  The subject matter was thought provoking on some levels but all in all it did not stand much of a chance.  I found it interesting in pieces and they related to the circumstances of the potential case...you know the reason we think there should at least be a trial.  My brief back and forth with the diarist put me in Law & Order mode and so for the few of you out there that may be more interested in the case that may actually happen rather than the case that is happening on TV, I'm going to give it my best shot.  

I listened to what I believe was all of the 911 tapes from all the neighbors.  There are a few things I remember from the tapes but the one that sticks out the most to me in light of some of the new stuff coming out is the common "flashlight" theme.  Just about all of the callers mentioned the use of flashlights by whoever was investigating the scene.  It was dark out that night, so dark that one of the witnesses said she couldn't tell whether Zimmerman was bleeding from ten feet away.  That is extra dark, to not even catch a glimmer of blood from ten feet.  

To me the reason this is important is because it calls in to question the quality of the eyewitness that says he saw the guy in the red shirt on the ground and the other guy on top of him.  For the eyewitness to be able to tell what color shirt Zimmerman had on and to recognize that it was the guy in the red shirt that was yelling for help he had to be pretty close.  Not only that but he was able to tell from his upstairs window that the guy that was on top at when he was downstairs was now dead on the ground, yet another witness couldn't see blood from ten feet and all the other callers could only see flashlights when they looked out their windows...  

The other reason this account makes me feel funny is because if I was witnessing a fight in which one person was calling for help and I was within say 20 feet, I can't say under what circumstances I would find it more advantageous to the situation, to run in to my house and call 911 to report a fight happening.  If someone was asking for help my calling the police and waiting the 5 - 10 minutes for the police to show up while the fight continued, would not actually be a help to the person who was asking.  I find it all too convenient that the shooting took place between the time Zimmerman asks for help, the witness says he is going to call 911 and by the time he gets upstairs the shooting has taken place and the fight is over.

"The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: 'help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,"
What about Trayvon trying to take Zimmermans gun as he has reportedly suggested.  How did Trayvon know he had a gun in the first place?  It was dark out so there is no way Trayvon could have seen the weapon in a holster.  At what point did the gun become known to Trayvon?  Did Zimmerman brandish the weapon at some point in the argument?  Would not Trayvon simply be defending himself in this situation?  Did Zimmerman ever identify himself as part of the neighborhood watch?  Did he do it in a way that would lead Trayvon to believe he was in danger?

What about Zimmerman fearing for his life?  Was there really a point in the struggle where he thought Trayvon was going to beat him to death or was he just starting to lose the fight because there is a difference.

Like I said, I am more interested in the actual components of the case.  

RANT:  Can someone please get these dumbass backwater New Black Panther emeffers of the damn TV set please and tell that fool Anderson Cooper to stop giving that fool more airtime.

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