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Mystery Lover's Puzzle Book by Linda K. Murdock, 2007. Bellwether Books, 128 pages, paperback

This past week I finished re-reading the Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris and The Siege by Stephen White. I had planned to write a review of the latter, but find I need to think about it some more. So there's something a little different for this week.

While at Left Coast Crime in Denver in 2008, I picked up a small paperback, the Mystery Lover's Puzzle Book. It is made of crossword puzzles, one per author. There are 29 different authors featured, including Carol O'Connell, John D. MacDonald, Walter Mosley, Robert Crais, Rhys Bowen, Michael Connelly, etc. All seem contemporary, as I've heard of them.

I thought I'd pick out a few clues, and put up the answers tomorrow.

Have fun!


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John D. MacDonald

1. Main character McGee. (Travis)
2. Profession of McGee's friend Meyer. (economist)
3. Setting for the McGee books. (Florida)
4. McGee goes Rambo in The ___ Ripper. (Green)
5. McGee's Rolls Royce, Miss __. (Agnes)
6. McGee converted his Rolls to this. (truck)
7. Mcgee served in this war. (Korea)
8. Animal that best describes Meyer. (bear)
J. D. Robb
1. Dallas' best friend. (Mavis)
2. Roarke keeps this in his pocket from Dallas' old jacket. (button)
3. Beautician feared by Dallas. (Trina)
4. Setting for Dallas books. (New York)
5. Dallas' father figure, computer chief. (Feeney)
6. Dallas' snappily dressed 'coroner.' (Morse)
7. Dallas' first name. (Eve)
8. __ in Death, someone is after Roarke. (Betrayal)
Patricia Cornwell
1. Main character Kay ___. (Scarpetta)
2. Kay's favorite ethnic food. (Italian)
3. Kay's ex-husband. (Tony)
4. Kay doesn't confide in __. (anyone)
5. Kay's title. (MD)
6. What Kay pours herself into. (work)
7. Kay's niece. (Lucy)
8. Prosecuting officer who uses Kay's evidence. (DA)
Robert Crais
1. __ Cole, World's Greatest Detective. (Elvis)
2. Joe has these tattoos on his arms. (red arrows)
3. Cole served at the end of this war. (Vietnam)
4. Face on Cole's office clock. (Pinocchio)
5. Yellow sports car that Cole drives. (Corvette)
6. Lullaby ___ involves New York criminals. (Town)
7. __ Chenier, Cole's girlfriend. (Lucy)
8. Joe drives a red one.  (Jeep)
John Dunning
1. Main character __ Janeway. (Cliff)
2. Word in all titles. (book)
3. Janeway motive for murder. (love)
4. Where Janeway lives. (Denver)
5. Scifi author Wells, Janeway collectible. (H.G.)
6. A first edition Stephen __ outsells Twain. (King)
7. Janeway turned this in for a bookstore. (badge)
8. 1st edition error corrected in new editions. (point)
Sharyn McCrumb
1. Recurring character Bonesteel. (Nora)
2. Series nickname. (Ballad)
3. State setting for the books. (Tenn)
4. Martha trains to become a __. (ACE)
5. Martha and Spencer organize this event. (reunion)
6. She Walks These __ (Hills) features a small ghost.
7. Series forest setting and Native tribe. (Cherokee)
8. Spencer's job. (Sheriff)
S. J. Rozan
1. Chin's partner Bill __. (Smith)
2. City setting for the series. (NY)
3. Bill's bar drink. (bourbon)
4. Color of Chin's martial arts belt. (black)
5. Chin's term of respect to an elder. (grandfather)
6. China __ Chin seeks stolen porcelain. (Trade)
7. Name of business Bill lives over. (Shortys)
8. Instrument Bill plays. (piano)
John Sandford
1. Main character __ Davenport. (Lucas)
2. Davenport's female boss. (Rose)
3. How Davenport makes money. (Games)
4. Davenport creates __ playing fantasies. (Role)
5. What Davenport suffers from. (depression)
6. Davenport's preferred martial art. (karate)
7. Job of Davenport's wife. (DR)
8. Davenport's sidekick __ Capslock. (Del)
Please let me know if you like these clues in the comments while you tell about your own reading. As Susan will be returning, hopefully soon, I'll be doing fewer of these posts and if you enjoy these clues, I can add more.
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