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So we had a special election here in Brooklyn New York on March 20th but it was a very tight race (last I read there was a 1 vote difference) which we knew it would be.  Lew Fidler is/was the Democratic Candidate.  Lew is currently serving in the New York City Council, very well liked in his district.  The Republicon candidate was a man named David Storobin who came out of no where.  Storobin's writings were on white supremist web sites and his law firm stated on their web site that they would defend those accused of a sex crime, including against children.  Both were running to replace former New York State Senator Carl Kruger who is on his way to jail for taking bribes and influence peddling.  

Storobin was born in Russia and came to the U.S. at the age of 12 with his Mother.  He must have learned politics on the knee of Putin.  You see, apparently knowing the race was very close one of his consultants may have forged absentee ballots and signed off on them.  The same people who voted absentee also voted at their polling sites maybe unaware of the scam.  I don't know how to imbed a web site so here's the story reported yesterday and the suit filed by Fidler.  


I worked on the Fidler campaign as a volunteer.  Election day was a zoo with people coming in and calling saying that their polling site had suddenly changed and the new site was 2 buses away from the old site.  Some were told they had to fill out affidavites, one of our volunteers was hit by the door of a Storobin van as she stood on a corner handing out literature.  I personally spoke to an elderly woman who told me (at 8:15 PM) that she had been told by the Storobin campaign not to bother going to her polling site because the election was 2 days earlier.  She immediately told me she was putting on her coat to walk 1 block to her polling site to vote for Lew Fidler.

There is much more that went on in this campaign and about Storobin most of it is documented on another web site called Room Eight where you can read the blog posts of a gentleman called Gatemouth.  

The Republicons are accusing Democrats of voter fraud but its funny, in the past year I have not read one story of a Democrat commiting voter fraud but I've read lots about Republicons doing this.      


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