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Some strange things have gone generally unnoticed in the media thus far in the George Zimmerman case.

For example at today's First Appearance the journalists each received a copy of the charging Affidavit.  But what went unnoticed is that what appeared to be prominent information was blacked out or "redacted."

Who did it?  Why?  And was it legal?

It turns out that what was mysteriously censored were two key facts about the evidence in the case:

Zimmerman shot Martin in the Chest. When police arrived Zimmerman admitted shooting Martin.
Who left that out and why?

Maybe the answer lies in some questionable activities of some of these actors in withholding records contrary to the Sunshine Law.

See: Will Florida's Sunshine Law be Victim in George Zimmerman Prosecution?


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For those who feel compelled to "read into" things "conspiracies" let me just make this point.

The point of the question of who and why and how was a redacted version given out to the press at the hearing [it is a fact - it was] was not to suggest they had some grand conspiracy.

But to raise the question of why were they attempting to withhold public records in the first place.


At 4:25 pm AP Reporter Tamara Lush emailed me, upon my request, a copy of the Affidavit that she had recently received at the Courthouse.  I could not be there to get a copy myself.  Prior to that she had tweeted that she had just scanned it into a pdf with a new app.  (That is why the "scan" looks like that.  It was scanned into a phone).

I immediately noticed the redaction and asked her if she knew who redacted it or why.

I then tweeted asking why there was a redaction.

I then obtained, shortly thereafter, an unredacted copy.  That is how I learned what had been originally redacted.

I provided her a copy of the unredacted version.

Later that afternoon I spoke with another reporter who was there and asked him whether he got a redacted copy.  He confirmed that.  I then provided him with an unredacted copy.  He tweeted to thank me (if you want to do the research you can find these tweets).

In between those two times I also made a public records request with someone in Corey's office asking for a copy and for them to provide me with a statutory basis for any exemption.  I have not heard back from them yet.

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