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I've been covering how congressional districts could be drawn to elect more Blue Dogs without compromising on potential progressive districts.  Now that I've gone West, I've run into some problems.  First, the "Blue Dog" districts are more 50/50 districts rather than ancestrally Democratic in the way that some of my districts in states such as Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, and Alabama were.  Second, they do reduce the opportunities for more progressive districts in some instances, but I tried to maintain progressive districts where I could, for example, by not cracking major cities like Seattle and Denver to the extent that I could.  However, I did spread Democrats far enough in Colorado that I suppose it could be a dummymander, if the state isn't trending towards us.

Here out West, though, because of Democrats' impressive holds in 2010, I though we could afford to embiggen the playing field.


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New Mexico


NM-01 (Blue)
Obama: 60.2%
Dem Average: 52.5%

New Mexico's 1st district is the safest, and based in Albuquerque.  The district is plurality Hispanic by total population, at 47.5%, but plurality white by total population, at 43.1% Hispanic.  This was drawn to be as compact as possible with the caveat of putting more Native Americans into the 3rd district.


NM-02 (Gray)
Obama: 53.3%
Dem Average: 50.5%

This district is based in the eastern half of the state, which is very Hispanic but allows the 3rd district to be more Native American.  As a result, it is plurality Hispanic by total population, at 49.7%, but plurality white by voting age population, at only 45.1% Hispanic.  Rio Arriba is the only partial county in the district, all other counties are wholly within it.  This would be the most marginal district in the state.

NM-03 (Green)
Obama: 56.7%
Dem Average: 50.6%

This district is about 60% a combination of Native Americans and Hispanics, about 20.1% Native American by total population, and 41.7% Hispanic.  Even by voting age population whites are still under 40%.  This would be Native Americans' second most concentrated district, after AZ-01.



Obama: 74.8%
Dem Average: 71.2%

This district is only 49.9% white by total population, and is rapidly trending less white.  It is also largely confined to Denver, taking in all of Denver County, plus a little bit of Arapahoe that is adjacent, and the inner northern suburban area directly adjacent in Adams County.


Obama: 52.1%
Dem Average: 45.4%

This district includes Larimer County, the western half of Weld County, including Greeley, Broomfield County, a patch of Boulder County south of Boulder, and a patch of northern Adams County in the area of Brighton and Northglenn.  This would definitely be a marginal district, but I think we'd have a good shot.

Obama: 56.9%
Dem Average: 52.6%

This district has its base in the remainder of Boulder County, but extends all the way out to the western border of the state, including Gilpin, Clear Creek, Summit, Grand, Jackson, Routt, Eagle, Pitkin, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Garfield, Mesa, Delta, and Montrose counties.

Obama: 33.7%
Dem Average: 29.3%

This is the Republican vote sink.  It includes the eastern halves of Weld, Adams, and Arapahoe counties, the most Republican parts of El Paso County, most of  Douglas County, and all of Fremont, Telle, Morgan, Elbert, Logan, Washington, Lincoln, Crowley, Otero, Sedgwick, Phillips, Yuma, Kit Carson, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Bent, Prowers, and Baca counties.

Obama: 52.6%
Dem Average: 48.7%

This district has a big chunk of Colorado Springs and Carlton in El Paso County, and Evergreen and a bit more of Jefferson County, but aside from that it has whole counties in the center and south of the state.  Park, Chaffee, Lake, Gunnison, Ouray, San Miguel, Dolores, San Juan, Montezuma, La Plata, Hinsdale, Archuleta, Mineral, Saguache, Rio Grande, Conejos, Alamosa, Costilla, Custer, Huerfano, Las Animas, and Pueblo counties also are in the district.

Obama: 53.3%
Dem Average: 47.6%

This district is based in the remainder of Jefferson County, plus a little bit of adjacent western Adams County, and a bigger part of southwestern Arapahoe County in the Littleton, Centennial area.

Obama: 54.9%
Dem Average: 47.4%

This district is based in Aurora and central Arapahoe County, but also includes the bulk of the population of Adams County, including Thornton, and also includes Highlands Ranch, Stonegate, and a bit more of northern Douglas County.

Washington State


Obama: 62.3%
Dem Average: 55.7%

This still strongly Democratic district is based in Snohomish County, including all but a northwestern portion around Everett and Marysville, and also dipping into northern King County to take in Kirkland, Shoreline, and some other areas.

Obama: 56.3%
Dem Average: 51.1%

This northern district includes Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan, Island, and part of Snohomish county including Everett.

Obama: 54.7%
Dem Average: 49.2%

This district moves up to encompass the entire Pacific Coast, including all of the counties there wholly, as well as Wahkiakum and Cowlitz counties, but has lost its territory in Thurston, Lewis, and Skamania counties, as well as Battle Ground and some more rural parts of Clark County, though it still has Vancouver, Ridgefield, and Camas.  As a result, it overall is still a very working class swing district.

Obama: 38.2%
Dem Average: 34.1%

This district is the reddest in the state, sitting in central and eastern Washington.  It includes Benton, Franklin, Adams, Lincoln, Grant, Douglas, Kittitas, Chelan, as well as most of Okanogan County, and most of northern Yakima County.

Obama: 46.5%
Dem Average: 42%

This district on the eastern border of the state includes some of the more Democratic places like Spokane, Pullman, and Walla Walla, plus some Indian reservations.  Asotin, Walla Walla, Garfield, Columbia, Whitman, Spokane, Pend Oreille, Stevens, and Ferry counties are wholly within the district, and the southeastern parts of Okanogan County, the most Native American parts, are also here.


Obama: 56.2%
Dem Average: 52.1%

This is essentially a new district because it is composed of parts of several others.  It includes all of Thurston Mason, and Kitsap counties, plus parts of Pierce County including Gig Harbor, the islands, Steilacoom, and Fort Lewis.

Obama: 82.9%
Dem Average: 79.7%

This district is based in Seattle, extending to Vashon & Mercer islands, and parts of the Bellevue area.

Obama: 52.7%
Dem Average: 45.4%

This district gets to be the mishmash that extends over the Cascades.  I've decided to do that in the southern part, going over the Cascades into Klickitat and Yakima counties, but only part of Yakima to get more of the Native American and Hispanic areas.  It also ends up with the parts of Skamania, Clark, and Lewis counties that the 3rd drops, Pierce County from about Eatonville and Buckley east, as well as the eastern parts of King County, but also some suburbs like Redmond and Covington.  As a result, this district both serves as a Republican vote sink in western Washington, and a potentially swingish district, especially since as the white portion of the population drops by more than 4 points when residents under 18 are included, it appears to be diversifying.

Obama: 56.3%
Dem Average: 50.9%

This district is entirely within Pierce County, aside from a couple tiny little arms into King County (not to improve performance, as they are actually less Dem than the district as a whole), and is based in Tacoma and its suburbs.

Obama: 62.6%
Dem Average: 56.9%

This district is not minority majority, because I think districts like that, where whites are still a significant plurality, are essentially worthless to the interests of improving minority representation.  However, at 18% Asian alone, it could definitely elect a minority representative as it is a diverse Democratic district.  This district is entirely in the King County suburbs of Seattle, including Auburn, the home of David Reichert, most of Bellevue, and Seatac.

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