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Yup Romney knows how "fix" the Economy allright ... or so he keeps telling anyone who will listen to his latest talking points ...

Romney condemns Obama's 'assault on our economic freedom'

by the CNN Wire Staff -- April 13, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a conservative audience what it wanted to hear Friday, accusing President Barack Obama of leading the country away from the founding fathers' vision and "toward limited freedom and limited opportunity."

A senior Romney adviser who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity characterized the Romney address as "the beginning of crystallizing for voters the choice that they are going to have in the fall between a big-government liberal, represented by Barack Obama, and somebody who believes in the freedoms which are an essential part of our Constitution, which are consistent with our founders, and that would be Mitt Romney."

Economic Freedoms like these ... freedom to turn Workers' lives and pensions into investor's own personal fortunes ...

Does Mitt Romney Care About Jobs or Just Making Money?

link to video

Partial Transcript:

Mitt Romney had been in there for six years, and if you were watching what was going on, it was obvious we were going down.

Things just tore families apart. I know 4 or 5 guys you know who had been married over 30 years -- that, it destroyed their families.

It is my firm belief, that what Mitt Romney and Bain Capital did to Kansas City, will never be recovered.

He'll part the country out, just like he did the Steel Mill.

If you want a guy, who will just hammer the working man -- he's the guy for it.  

I mean if you want somebody who will just pound the working class American into the ground, I think he's the guy.

I know what he says ... I also know what happened.  He may be able to 'create jobs,' but I don't think too many more in the United States.

Yup Romney knows how "fix" the Economy:

"Romney will part the country out, just like he did this Steel Mill."


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You know, according to Romney's Job-creating record:

What Bain Capital creates, Bain Capital can also take away ...

Romney’s claims about Bain Capital job creation (Fact Checker biography)
by Josh Hicks, washingtonpost.com, Fact Checker -- 11/02/2011

The Facts

Romney’s campaign provided current employment numbers for some of Bain’s greatest success stories: Staples has 89,000 workers, the Sports Authority 15,000 and Domino’s 7,900. Based on that information, we know the private-equity firm did indeed create jobs during Romney’s tenure by providing seed capital and advice to these start-ups.

But that list does not include the leveraged buyouts. By itself, it’s not enough to prove a net-net gain in employment numbers.

For that, we need to compare the number of people laid off with the number of people hired, which requires old jobs figures for all the companies Bain purchased under Romney.

Neither Bain nor the Romney campaign gave us that information when we asked for it. Bain also declined to answer with a yes or no whether its companies created more jobs than it eliminated during Romney’s tenure.

Ampad, which Bain acquired in 1992, cut 385 jobs, closed two U.S. plants and was $392 million in debt by the time Romney left.

Dade International, which Bain acquired in 1994, laid off more than 1,800 employees during Romney’s time with the firm.

LIVE Entertainment laid off 40 of 166 workers following a Bain buyout of the company.

The Ampad layoffs turned into a campaign issue during Romney’s unsuccessful bid to unseat the late Edward Kennedy from his Senate seat in 1994.

Speaking of that election that Romney lost to another Working class advocate, here's a gem from that campaign, that Romney never got a chance to "disclose the facts on" either ...

Mitt Romney, King of Layoffs

by Taylor Marsh -- 14 July 2011

Politico’s piece today reveals why, which also provides un-aired as well as aired ads from Ted Kennedy’s old campaign archives. Romney’s troubles begin with Bain Capital.
   A company that laid off hundreds of employees. A federal “bailout” to rescue a failing bank. Mitt Romney, at the center of it all.

    [...] The never-aired “bailout” ad [see below], shared with POLITICO by one of Kennedy’s advisers, remains an unexploded grenade from that race, underscoring Romney’s vulnerability in the first presidential election fought since the 2008 financial meltdown.

    According to former Kennedy advisers, the ad never ran because it turned out to be unnecessary: Kennedy had already broken Romney with a series of ads tying him to layoffs in Indiana.

link to video

Yup Romney knows how "fix" the Economy allright

-- fix it for the benefit of his Top 1 Percent investors and assorted other Wall Street stake-holders, that is.

What's their Motto?   "Cut all the Fat ... then Sell it off, for Parts  ... and then pocket the 'true worth' of the company, that's left over."

THAT's what Mitt calls "economic freedom and opportunity."

The country is full of such, still-untapped "opportunities" ...

In Miami, story of profits and layoffs highlights debate over Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain

by Alex Leary & Marc Caputo, Tampa Times/Herald staff writers -- Jan 19, 2012

1994:  Bain Capital acquires a division of Baxter International called Dade, a medical device maker with roots in Florida. In 1997, additional Bain acquisitions result in Dade Behring, based in Illinois.

850:  Number of layoffs at two Dade Behring plants in Miami in November 1997.

$1.3 billion:  Annual sales in 1998, up from $614 million in 1995.

$420 million:  Payout to Bain and other shareholders under 1999 deal. Bain pocketed $242 million, a few months after Mitt Romney left Bain.

$1.5 billion:  Debt Dade Behring had when it entered bankruptcy in 2002.

$7 billion:  How much Dade Behring sold for in 2007 to Siemens, which renamed unit Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

-- Sources: Times research, New York Times.

Yup Mitt has quite the track record to rest his amazing claims on,

-- assuming his actual "Economy Fixing" resume, is to be any guide.

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