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No. President Obama is more Presidential and decent than such a vile attack. But DICK Cheney isn't ...

So, he goes and mouths off

I have some news for Dick Cheney ...


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1. When you can't locate Osama bin Laden for 8 years, disbanded the group that was tracking him and your successor President completes the job - you say THANK YOU, not "Unmitigated Disaster"

2. When you botch healthcare reform by not providing financing for Medicare Part D as well as open DONUT Hole and President Obama comes up and implements a plan that not only closes the donut hole, but finances your changes and still saves money in the long run - you say THANK YOU, not "Unmitigated Disaster"

3. When you leave with the world hating America and then your successor government turns it around - brings democracy to Libya, Egypt, South Sudan and BURMA - you say THANK YOU, not "Unmitigated Disaster"

4. When your administration leaves the next with the next GREAT DEPRESSION and they turn it around - quick or slow, fast or haste - you say THANK YOU, not "Unmitigated Disaster"

5. When your government starts an automotive bailout and then the new administration gets the various players to put skin the game, turn around the fortunes so well that the auto companies' biggest problem today is lack of enough skilled employees - you say THANK YOU, not "Unmitigated Disaster"

I can continue to list many more reasons - Nuclear management, DADT, bailing out state governments amongst many others. But you get the jist ...

I think this is DICK Cheney at his worst. He is so narrow minded that he doesn't see Americanism in everyone. He sees Americans only in Republicans. He is so partisan that he is lowering the repute of the office that he served. Say whatever of President Bush - but the minute he left office, he has not uttered a sentence against President Obama. I look at President GH Bush - ready to serve whenever a current President asks him to. That's Presidential. That's Americanism at its best.

Dick Cheney - for your attitude, your lies, your partisanship, your lack of shame, your cowardice, your disrespect for POTUS - you are a despicable human being. No less!

Mon Apr 16, 2012 at  4:34 AM PT: UPDATE: Thank you for such an overwhelming response. i wasn't expecting the same. I know that a lot of Republicans would defend Cheney saying that Al Gore criticized President Bush. That is not true. All of Al Gore's statements were specific and called out the Bush Administration (9/11 handling, economic recovery etc).

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Do you think Dick Cheney's attack on President Obama was in line with the stature of the Office of Vice President of the United States

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