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On a progressive talk show recently, I heard a caller say that President Obama can pull away the curtain around all the super PACs by issuing a simple signing statement saying essentially:

"All corporations and individuals who have contracts with the United States must declare all political contributions."

The operating concept here is that since they receive federal money, political transparency can be required. Is this accurate? If so, are there restrictions? And strategically, is this a ploy that is best served up after the conventions when all the 1% cash has already been committed? Or is it better to do it sooner so details on donors help Democrats in Congress and state races?

I was thinking that this caller onto something, so I called a friend. She said that a signing statement needs to be attached to some legislation on a related topic, but President Obama could issue an executive order that says the same thing.

Could this be the Citizens United poison pill? Imagine if we went into the election season with all knowledge of rightie corporate supporters for Dem candidate ads. We could make pie charts, and voters would see this tiny slice on the upper right labeled, "private citizens." Wouldn't that finally register with conservative voters, helping them acknowledge at long last the cancer of corporate influence on our electoral process?

If they are ever to understand their status within the 99%, this would do it.


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