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This really seems like a Debbie Downer post and very well may be but it is a realistic question.  I hear talk about student loans and lower interest.  I see the most outrageous presidential race trotting out on the Grand old Poop stage like I have never seen.
Jobs are in the can and trickling back at minimum wage.  It almost seems like being good at flipping burgers is a better asset than a degree in physics.

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I hear talk of times that we are on a slow road to recovery.  What I see is really frightening.  I see charts of hunger,  healthcare crisis, a bunch of loons walking around shooting at things they don't like.. (OK I broad stroked a bit ) still we have governors talking about seceding, secret service agents getting caught with their pants down, uninvited guests strolling into the White House hugging world leaders with no pat down while 3 year olds are gropped and patted down at airports.  I see people wearing tea all over their faces claiming to be republicans, literally tearing the country apart.

 I see gridlock in legislation like a 747 stuck in 20 feet of snow trying to get off the ground.
The wars are unending and we have lost an entire generation of good kids to death and horror of war.
I see an unhinged Supreme Court giving corporations rights of We the People.  I see protesters exercising their first amendment rights to be pepper sprayed, shot and abused.  I see veterans and military families on the edge being treated badly.  I see so called legislators not having respect for a president enough  that they call him a liar in the State of the Union.

  I see  state and local laws trying to override federal laws.  I see unions being dismantled.   I see opinion commentators like Rush Limbaugh calling women testifying before congress a slut.  I see a so called entertainer with a big mouth
calling for the assassination of a president with crude words like suck on my machine gun.
I see slime or God knows what being served to our children and elderly in places where nutrition is supposed to matter.  I see churches acting like satanists. I see unchecked banks that are pulling Jessie James on us.  My apologies to Jessie James.  Rich People are stealing homes from the poor.

  Oil companies are killing our fish and environment.  There is no respect, accountability, or compromise with a party so far right they have fallen off a cliff and drug us off with them. This did not all happen under one president in 4 years.  Only a fool and we got plenty of that, would believe such nonsense.

Is this the kind of democracy we are trying to shove down people's throat if we have to kill everyone to give them?  Why is up ..down...?  Why is everything that we were taught as youngsters suddenly wrong..you know, birth control is good..unwanted pregnancy is not.

Why are we pulling troops out of mental hospitals and sending them on to battlefields drugged up on stimulants (legal meth).  

I want solutions.  I want sanity.  I want a sane country.  Do I hate America?  I don't know if that place called America exists anymore. I know I miss it.
Who are we?  What can be done?  Is this a fight for a safe place to dwell or have we lost it already.  Basically what do we do to stop this trainwreck of lack of common sense and decency.  Is this baby beyond CPR?  I really think it looks like America has a very weak pulse and it will take 100 years to rebuild if then.  
I know I sure as hell miss it though.  I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO TELL MY MINOR KIDS ANYMORE.  I don't want to cry when I tell them to trust something.  To try and achieve as rewards are in education and hard work.  I honestly fear for their future and their well being.  I don't need to read the Shock doctrine.  We are living in an alternate state of reality.  We keep trying to make things right but is it too late?

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Will America survive what conservatives have brought it??

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