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I got an email from the Romney campaign in Georgia last night at about the same time the Braves were battling it out with the Phillies.  I thought "GA for Mitt" in the suject line was a play on words for the game of baseball...you know, 'mitt' as in catcher's mitt.  But it wasn't.  I am somehow on the email list for the "presumptive nominee" Mitt Romney, with a little bit of Ann thrown in.  (And, no, I didn't click by mistake on the dailykos add to donate to the Romney campaign.)

But in case you hadn't heard:  The Braves beat the Phillies last night in extra innings 15 to 13 with a walk-off homer by the aged Chipper Jones.  From the AJC:

“That was the most psychotic game I’ve ever been a part of,” said Jones, whose game-ender was the 500th home run of his professional career, including 458 in the major leagues.
Keep that knee healthy, Chipper.

But GA for Mitt?  What intelligence can be gleaned from this email that the Romneys want me to see?


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Well, first off, the campaign wants me to know that Mitt Romney is in fact the presumptive nominee:

With the campaign suspensions of Speaker Gingrich and Sen. Santorum, Gov. Romney has now taken the reins as the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party!
So the Gingrich corpse is still warm and the Romneys pounce with an appeal for funds.  Which, in the case of Ann Romney, the citizens of Georgia will be able to see her and contribute to the campaign on May 10 when she visits Sea Island!  This is too rich.

Sea Island is a playground for the, well, you know, rich and famous.  Its five-star hotel and restaurant is named the "Cloister," a perfect metaphor for the out of touch Romney-kins. Suites run about $5,000.  I wonder what their slogan is for this trip:  "Sea Island:  where all the working women hang out."

By the by, the Cloister is located on 100 Cloister Drive.  C'mon folks.  Only a hundred?

From wiki, which highlights that Ann Romney is most comfortable with her own kind:

Land on Sea Island is owned by the Sea Island Company, and public access is limited. In addition, the company owns property off the island limits on St. Simons Island. The Sea Island Company is managed by the Chairman and CEO, Bill Jones III. Jones is a known cigar fancier. In an interview with Cigar Aficionado magazine, he discussed the expansion of Sea Island and was quoted as saying, "The banks almost pay you to borrow money today." Jones III is also the foremost turkey-call collector in the world. His collection numbers in the hundreds and is thought to be worth several million dollars.
Yes, Ann, this fund-raising trip will allow you to luxuriate and hob-knob with people just like you. But, I fear this venue is a real turkey for you.  Not to worry.  The thought that your continued association with the gold-plated crowd is your true calling, and that this visit just reinforces that view, can never be dispelled, no matter what you say.  I can't wait until the campaign really starts.  Romney's gaffes telling us all how average he is by reminding us of how rich he is will be the gift that keeps on giving.
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