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I have been a Democrat all my life.  I thought that there were times that there were Republicans who had a heart and a healthy discourse between Democrats and Republicans is really the founding of this country, isn't it?  

I watched MILLIONS of people vote for Sarah Palin, carrying signs with the "N" word and I thought, what in the world has happened to this country?  The worst part is that she was PROUD of herself.  She was a befuddled nutjob who named her kids Trig and Trix and we were supposed to have her one second away from the nuclear codes?  Never has anyone fallen so far so fast as John McCain in my book, as when he chose this complete zombie after a vetting of one quick look at her rear end.  John, you lost five planes, and still got your wings, because your Daddy was in charge of the Navy in Nam.  Your plane went down on your first mission, and damn it, you did take it like a man.  That was your finest hour.  It went so far down from there, it is shameful.  It made me realize that the entire Republican party has lost its way and lost its love for this country.  I thought that was a bad time, but then we actually did it.  We voted for a fabulous man, a man of mixed color, and made him President.  It was one of the finest hours in our country since Victory Gardens and Rosie the Riveter in World War II.  Those of you who don't like Obama anymore because he wears blue buttons on his suits, or whatever picky thing you can come up with, are just as miserable as the Palinette winkies.  Obama is a dream.  He laughs.  He loves his wife with a passion.  He loves this country with a passion.  He adores his kids, and I bet he even reads to them.  He shakes his head when he sees the awful things that the Thugs say about him.  But he still smiles.  He sings.  I am in love with the President, and I always will be.  I loved everything about Harry Truman too, and I think this President is on a level with that man.  This is very high praise indeed.


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OK, now to my question.  From what I understand, and I have a MFA and am not dumb or unread, and admit to not having a television, but there is one thing I do not and will never understand.  I want some help.  So, ALMOST all of us in this country are called the 99%ers.  That means that, I think, we make under a billion a year, and looking at the grocery bill means something to us.  So, if this is so, and 99 percent of this country are not billionaires, why are any of the rest of us voting for these buffoons?  Why do we want them to have no taxes and to have us hold their water?  Why do we want inequality with women, and to have these rich, bloated white guys tell us that we cannot get the pill, cannot have an abortion without their blessing, and they give millions and millions of dollars to elect a complete donkey's ass so they can walk him around with a rope and tell him what to do?  Yea, he has some money, but I don't think he is in the 1%.  I think he bought some companies, fired a bunch of people, because he doesn't give a hoot about the poor or the jobless, just that he get an elevator in his house in La Jolla.  (Watch out of the California Coastal Commission, Williard.  It is people just like you that they want to keep from getting their elevators, and saving the coast.)  His wife is beloved, because she is lower on the IQ scale than he is, and that is a hard thing to find.  

Back to my question.  Why in the world should we let these bbbillionaires not pay their fair share and give billions of dollars just to get a dope in the white house so they can run the tax code.  Billionaires, 5%.  Millionaires, 10%, the rest of us above 50K, 45%, those under 50K just send it all in.  

So, why?  Why?

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