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This morning I woke up and checked my Facebook, as always. One of the first things I saw was that one of my Facebook "friends" (who is a far right very conservative Christians) "liked" and "shared" the following status from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page:

"A top-newsmagazine interviewed me. “First question: what do you think about homosexuality?” My mind was racing. I’m not used to this type of question. “O”, I replied, “it’s quite simple. When I need gasoline for my car, I put the spout in the tank, not the exhaust.” Some people present started to laugh. “Wait a minute”, I hurried to say, “I am not trying to joke, ridicule or offend anybody. All I’m saying is that a car is not built like that and man is not created like that.” REINHARD BONNKE"
As of about 2:15 this afternoon, it has 5,106 "likes," 909 "shares", and 759 "comments." The page itself has almost one million likes, indicating that he has a sizable Internet audience. With the exception of about a half dozen comments, all are very supportive. Many say," Amen!"

Here are a few of my "favorite" (aka most appalling) comments:

"Great response. Homosexuality is the powerful satanic weapon of the last days. It is the only temptation that ends in an identity, not just an action. It is daily touted in the everyday lives of our kids through all manner of media. It has invaded my family and my home. I love them, and pray for them"

"Great answer Evangelist! To My dear brother Ryan Tupaz, It is not about human right, it is about God's plan and intension for you. I have seen buddhists and Hindus that are very zealous for God too that doesnt make them on the right part, because Jesus Christ said, I am the WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE. So also the bible condemns Homosexuality. It is written and that settles it. I'll have u in my prayers ok."

"It really IS quite simple. And if it's NOT about sex, then what IS it about? Because you can develop feelings for an inanimate object if you let yourself. You can let your desires run wild and go with anything if you just throw up your hands and let yourself. Anybody can/could do that. It's the common sense and restraint that matters. What IS right from wrong. What is natural and what isn't. It REALLY DOES boil down to a heart issue after all because you are struggling against your own natural order due to lack of self control and morale"

"Actually a friend of mine who has the gift of seeing into the spiritual, has seen homosexuals having evil spirits attached to them. It is a homosexual spirit that oppresses these individuals and they need deliverance."

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Wow! I am not sure where to begin. I am offended in so many ways: as an American, as a human, as a historian, as a gay man, as a Christian.

The analogy alone is sicking. And why and how can we compare humans and feelings to objects? After all, a relationship whether gay, "straight," lesbian, or anything else is based on feelings of love, friendship, and/or respect, right?  

And the comments left in as replies: They speak for themselves, but we should all be greatly concerned that there are people who seriously believe this stuff. And it is more problematic that they think they are right, the only ones right, and that everyone should agree with them. There were postings that compared gays with liars and thieves. I'm sure we all know that these responses are ironic and indicate a selective reading of the Bible-readings that don't consider historical context or translation issues. They also involve many judgments which the Bible forbids. Although, lately, I have seen new comments they say more or less, "God already judged." Well, isn't that a judgment in and of itself?

Now, I know this far-right Christian response is not that new of a new problem. But it is becoming more vocal in ways, perhaps as a response to the repeal of DADT and Obama's support of equal marriage. By the way, did you know that Bibles only first started being translated to include statements that are interpreted as "homosexuality is a sin" in the post-World War I days, the same time that the US as a whole started discriminating en masse against LGBTQ peoples.

I do not what this diary to be an attack on religion. I am a Christian, and I am gay. I consider myself a very liberal, openminded, relativist Christian. I recognize that many people have many different beliefs, and this is completely fine and great. I think the real concern and the bigger concern is that we have more and more people in our society, whether Christian or not, who have been indoctrinated and who do not think for themselves. Some people act like we live in a theocracy. A theme of history that occurs over and over is that there is always a gap between the law and the reality. We say equal protection and equality for everyone but we only actually mean it, if you fit the current socially, politically, morally correct mold as defined by whoever it may be with power and influence.  

There have been many very good postings lately about the Bible, Christianity, and being gay and openminded. These are important to know about so we do not mistakingly believe that all Christians are dogmatic and narrow-minded.

If you are interested, here are two favorites from youtube. They are long but worth it when you have time. The message in both videos is the same. It is possible to be both Gay and Christian, and all Christians should be loving toward all. Also, be sure to check out the Facebook group, The Christian Left.

By the way, I posted these two videos and this link as a response. So far, no responses. Usually when I share these links I get the, "I will pray extra hard for you" response.

What can we do to advance equal rights as guaranteed by the law and as humans AND to advance free, open-minded thinking?

Thanks for reading. This is my second diary. All comments and discussions are most welcomed and appreciated.

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Originally posted to Culture, History, Politics, and More on Mon May 21, 2012 at 12:41 PM PDT.

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