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News reports a day ago reported that Romney was going to speak to at the Latino Coalition conference.

A google search show mostly news items announcing the coming speech with words like "looks to open", "to apeal to" "begins to stir"


Then we get an article detailing something he did say.

UPDATE 2-Romney opens new front vs Obama: schools are failing
By Sam Youngman and Laura MacInnis

WASHINGTON/REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 23 (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney opened a new front on Wednesday in his fight against President Barack Obama, accusing him of presiding over a failing U.S. education system in the grip of union bosses who refuse to accept reforms.

Yes, Hispanic really care about education, but he thinks we don't know that Republicans have been cheating Hispanic kids for years.  LBJ tried to and did open opportunities for Hispanic Americans that Republicans have been trying to shut ever since the 60's.
Right now in Texas there have been massive cuts in education by Republican Rick Perry inspite of the fact that Texas has a rainy day fund to help Texas schools through a financial crisis, but Republicans don't care.  
Texas has teachers unions, but they have not much impact on salary negotiations. Texas teachers are some of the lowest paid in the country.   School serving Mexican America populations have suffered discrimination for years especially under Republican rule.
Hispanics don't support Democrats just because.  We are not stupid. We know the damage of No Child Left Behind. We understand the damage of voucher system on our schools. We know about how charter schools "counsel" Hispanic kids out if they don't get the test scores the charter schools want.
Margaret Spellings was a Republican Secretary of Education we know what she did. We know what the Republicans have done and continue to want to do to Hispanic children.
More over the fold.

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Romney think Hispanics are stupid. He think we are either conservative Republican Cubans or illegal aliens.  He didn't want to say anything about immigration so as not to anger his base of Tea Party radicals who are "nuts over the brown hordes taking yur jobs"  So he didn't touch that. Instead he went after Obama on education issues.
Romney think Hispanics are stupid.

If Romney thinks apeaing to Cuban Americans will take care of his Hispanic problem he is wrong. Older Cuban Americans have always been in the Republican camp, ao that doesn't change the picture in his favor.
It is the other Hispanic populations that need to be spoken to and I didn't see any indication that he had anythng to say to them.
To bring up education and to blame Obama for the system the way that is is is to think we are stupid and have not understood the Republican war on public schools and how they serve Hispanic communities.

I googled Romney Hispanics and found nothing, zip, nada. No big reactions, no warm embrace by some important Hispanic politician except instead.........

Like I said, Romney thinks Hispanics are stupid.

6:02 AM PT: Chuck Todd is going to address the Romney speech that touched little on issues improtant to Hispanics in his show.

We shall see what Chuck says.

6:21 AM PT: Ah, Rubios says talking about Latino issues is divisive.

Why is it that the other "interest groups' like the tea party can have their issues addessed but not Hispanic Americans?
What? Our issues do not matter?
Wow, thanks for the dis.
Here it is 1:37 in the afternoon and still no real buzz that he even spoke (past tense) at a Hispanic conference.
It is like it didn't happen????
Day 2!!
Well Day 2 I googled Romney and Hispanics and this diary turns up as the 8th hit on Google!
That is NO Hispanic News buzz at all for Romney still!!!!
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Originally posted to TexMex on Thu May 24, 2012 at 05:40 AM PDT.

Also republished by LatinoKos, Barriers and Bridges, TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans, and Community Spotlight.

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