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The coming week once again appears to be full of Highlights for the Leveson Inquiry

Monday opens with Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister, and has an afternoon of George Osbourne. the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, either of which could provide explosive testimony.

Gordon, having front line politics in his past has nothing to lose by  spilling  everything, and george has a lot of questions to answer, How he came to introduce Coulson to Cameron, and his email exchange with Hunt.


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Tuesday sees John Major, Ed Miliband, and Harriet Harman,

John Major may be interesting because it is widely known that he didn't get on well with Rupert Murdoch, Depending on the line of questioning he will either be pushed into supporting the Cameron Party line, or show  up subsequent holders of the Prime Ministers office as being more grasping and venal than they already appear.

Ed Milliband will spend his evidence session trying to distance himself and his party from the Murdoch stable, expect to see plenty of intervention questions at the end of his session from th News International Lawyers.

Harriet Harman will probably  be mainly there to comment about newspaper attacks on her over womens rights policies, but there may be further interesting questions to be asked.

Wednesday Has the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Alex Salmond

Nick Clegg is probably the only person appearing at the enquiry who wants to exagerate his evidence. It's widely known that his party was considered an irrelevence before the last election by political commentators and News International. Clegg will have the choice between seeming complicit and seeming irrelevent, hardly a palatable choice for any politician. Of interest will be his evidence about Hunt, what he knew and when, it may be a chance to distance himself from his coalition partners, but I wouldn't bet against him lashing himself to the mast of the foundering  government for narrow short term political reasons.

The other Witness that day is Alex Salmond, First Minister in the Scottish Parliament who has questions to answer on deals done over Scottish Independence with the Murdoch Organisation (There's  an interesting photo wandering around showing News International and the Scottish National Party sharing a building, which may lead to some interesting exchanges)

Finally on Thursday We have a Full Day of David Cameron. A man with Many questions to answer, From Police horse rides with The News Of the World editor to the whole Hunt/Cable Situation.

Is this the end of this module? you would think that Cameron would be the final person called, however there seem to be some notable absences. Louise Mensch has been keen to deflect investigation from News International onto other papers, You would think she would be keen to bring any evidence out in a public forum, although there may be questions to be avoided about links with News International (which she has denied) You would also think that John Wittingdale the Chairman of the comittee might be called to see if he has any more information he wishes to pass into the committees grasp. Other interesting witnesses would be Adam Price, the former committee member who has been quoted as saying that committee members lived in fear of the Murdoch organisation. and the reporters and editors involved in the undercover Vince Cable sting. Further to this a selection of Editors need recalling to re-assess their evidence in light of politicians claims. wether this will happen is a question that will be watched with great interest.

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Originally posted to ceebs on Fri Jun 08, 2012 at 05:36 AM PDT.

Also republished by Murdochgate Investigators.

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