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Follow me past the orange squiggle of doom to have a look at Republican Scott Brown's latest email plea, in which he quotes Markos Moulitsas quite prominently...


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From: Scott Brown


Date: June 20, 2012 2:40:00 PM EDT


There are two very different visions in this race for U.S. Senate.

There’s my vision of economic growth and prosperity fueled by low taxes, less spending, lower debt, and American ingenuity…

…and then there’s Professor Elizabeth Warren’s vision of big government where success is punished and the wet blanket of high taxation and overregulation smothers everything that has made America the greatest country in the history of mankind.

Although I know you share my positive vision for the future, Professor Warren’s supporters are putting their money where their mouth is, and they have made her victory – and my defeat – their top priority.

Just take it from Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas who said recently that:

“Elizabeth Warren is probably the Number One project of the progressive movement this November.”

Or the New York Times whose headline recently called Warren:

“The Left’s New Star”

Or Progressive activist Van Jones who says that if Warren beats me:

“…she’s going to be in the White House someday.”

In ten days, on June 30th, Warren and I will file our FEC Campaign Disclosure Reports. Hers will be chock-full of Hollywood money and checks from all over the country from those who subscribe to her Occupy Everything philosophy.

Will you give me your online help, a contribution for $20 or perhaps $50, so we can show the strongest financial report possible?

We have ten days to hit our goal of $150,000. That’s ten days to raise the funds for our ads and letters. Elizabeth Warren’s willing to rewrite her own history and she’s happy to distort my record, question my motives and attack my character.

We have just ten days to raise the funds to help tell the truth about my record and hers. Please make your online contribution for $20 or $50 or some other amount that is right for you.

Thanks so much,

Scott Brown
United States Senator
The People’s Seat

Wear that one proudly, Markos!  When you've got Scott Brown trying to raise money with your name prominently mentioned in the pitch, you're doing something right!  And using a picture of a chicken on the front page when talking about him is just icing on the cake...

Kossacks, you all know what to do with this link:  Donate to Elizabeth Warren

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