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1) State Rights continuing to be trumped by a pro-corporate Activist Supreme Court.

Court Declines to Revisit Its Citizens United Decision

by Adam Liptak, New York Times -- June 25, 2012

Chief Justice Mike McGrath of the Montana Supreme Court, writing for the majority in its 5-to-2 ruling, stressed that the state’s experience of having its political system corrupted by corporate interests early in the 20th century justified the ruling.

“At that time,” Chief Justice McGrath wrote, “the state of Montana and its government were operating under a mere shell of legal authority, and the real social and political power was wielded by powerful corporate managers to further their own business interests. The voters had more than enough of the corrupt practices and heavy-handed influence asserted by the special interests controlling Montana’s political institutions.”

Even if I were to accept Citizens United,” Justice Breyer continued, “this court’s legal conclusion should not bar the Montana Supreme Court’s finding, made on the record before it, that independent expenditures by corporations did in fact lead to corruption or the appearance of corruption in Montana.

What's at stake in the Next Election?

2) Corporate managers continuing to pay for "corrupt practices and heavy-handed influence asserted by the special interests ..."

with little to no consequences, to the "corporate persons" (ie. the legal fictions) buying such influence.


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And the cons apparently, like an America where Money = Speech.

ie. where the poorer you are, the less of a voice you have ... the less you deserve.

Supreme Court Majority United
Liberals lose their lobbying bid to overturn Citizens United.

Wall Street Journal, Opinion -- June 25, 2012

This won't be the end of the matter, because the political left has begun to treat Citizens United as the moral equivalent of Dred Scott, as preposterous as that is. They'll keep hoping that one of the majority Justices retires if President Obama wins a second term. Meantime, Citizens United hasn't led to the corruption that liberals predicted, but it has produced more competitive elections and a more robust political debate that isn't dominated by Big Media.
ie. Citizens United has produced MORE of the WJS-Murdoch baseless status quo.  Just the way ultra-rich corporate managers like it:  A easy to influence, already misinformed, low-info voting population.

What's at stake in the Next Election?  only that ...

3) The balance of power in the Activist Supreme Court, will continue to err on the side of already too-powerful Corporate managers.

... to the continuing determent of actual living, struggling, human beings.  Searching for opportunity in the land that used to synonymous with it.

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Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Tue Jun 26, 2012 at 07:26 AM PDT.

Also republished by Dream Menders.

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