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Governor Perdue vetoed the fracking bill S-820 that would have endangered our water supplies, trampled our property rights, crowded our roads with trucks, and fouled our air. Governor Perdue, who had supported fracking provided that it would be done with strong regulation, rejected the Senate bill that looked like a Christmas tree ornamented with provisions favorable to the oil and gas industry.

“Our drinking water and the health and safety of North Carolina’s families are too important; we can’t put them in jeopardy by rushing to allow fracking without proper safeguards.
The veto appears likely to stand because the legislation passed with under the 60% majority required for override in both the house and senate.

This victory would not have happened without the hard work of a coalition of environmental groups and the efforts of thousands of citizens. Gov.Perdue received over 10,000 phone calls and e-mails. Governor Perdue deserves our thanks.

Governor Perdue received over 10,000 emails and phone calls from North Carolinians like you, urging her to oppose this irresponsible bill. Now, can you help us thank Governor Perdue and urge state House members to uphold her veto to keep North Carolina frack free? http://action.ncconservationnetwork.org/...
The bill would have allowed forced pooling, stripping individual property rights. It would have created a new industry-captured regulatory body. It would have allowed earthquake triggering deep injection of waste water from fracking. It would have stripped the rights of local government to restrict fracking. The Senate bill stripped away provisions in the House Bill that would have provided some protection to water supplies. The bill was a disaster by design.

Of course, this is but one battle in a war led by Republicans and the oil & gas industry on our property, our water and our air. If Republicans gain control of both the legislative and executive branches, we will be fracked.

Special thanks to Solar Mom who testified on air quality issues. She reminded me to emphasize that our work is not done.

we have to keep calling and emailing.

My own state reps are already against fracking (Faison and Kinnaird), but I'll still send the message to as many quarters as necessary.

Then of course we have to work hard to get out the vote in November, so we can elect Walter Dalton governor.  In the last poll he was within 2% of McCrory.  It's all going to depend on turnout.

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Wed Jul 04, 2012 at  9:53 AM PT: Epilog

A 68 year old Dem representative from the Charlotte area hit the wrong button as midnight approached on Monday night, accidentally passing the fracking bill. She tried to change her vote, but Republicans in charge of the NC House would not allow it.

What an unbelievable travesty.

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Originally posted to DK GreenRoots on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 06:55 PM PDT.

Also republished by Climate Hawks and Good News.

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