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When I first heard the Romney team's dog siren of a phrase, "Anglo-Saxon heritage," I was shocked and dismayed. But it's been kind of heartening how much negative attention the Romney campaign is getting for the comments (e.g. from TPM and the LA Times). Not to mention from the Tweeps who kept #AngloSaxonHeritage trending on Twitter for 24 hours, a hashtag apparently started by Mother Jones's David Corn.

I especially liked these:

Gary Dunion: Obama's grandfathers served in the British & US armed forces in WWI & WWII respectively. Can Romney say the same? #anglosaxonheritage (@garydunion).

Jason Febery: Bet Romney wouldn't be so fond of our #AngloSaxonHeritage if he knew the UK's stance on gun control, healthcare, and the Republican Party. (@JasonFebery).

And there's more:

Joel Ingersoll: Breaking: Romney picks Beowulf as VP running mate. #AngloSaxonHeritage (@FlyoverJoel).

Disalmanac: UPDATE: An adviser has touted Mitt Romey's "Anglo-Saxon heritage." So apparently Mitt is a barbarian pagan ready to invade England. Yay! (@Disalmanac).

Max Read: As a long-time Anglo-Saxon I'm excited for Mitt Romney to restore our shared heritage of fighting Vikings and being conquered by the French. (@max_read).

The Daily Edge: Mitt Romney arrives in London to discuss his #AngloSaxonHeritage and how serfdom might work in 21st century America. (@TheDailyEdge).

Henry Tudor: Monarchy. Hunting. Impregnating ladies. Nailing heads to city gates. Looking hot w a 52 inch waist. You're welcome. #AngloSaxonHeritage (@KngHnryVIII).

Gabe Ortiz: Is Mitt trying to take the White House or Downton Abbey? #AngloSaxonHeritage (@Tusk81).

The Romney people have been denying in a half-assed kind of way that "Anglo-Saxon heritage" was ever a bona-fide campaign-endorsed talking point. But they can't exactly roll back the phrase (retroactively, if you will) now that it's had a life of its own on Twitter.

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11:43 PM PT: Everyone, thanks so much for all the recs and comments. This is my very first diary, and I'm overwhelmed (in a good way) to get so much appreciation from the awesome Kos community.

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