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It sounds like Mittens is winning all sorts of hearts & minds across the pond {hee...hee...hee...}.

Let's dive on into "this day in history" because there are oodles of fun birthdays to celebrate!


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Kevin Spacey is 53 today! He won the Best Supporting Actor for The Usual Suspects, and the Best Actor Oscar for American Beauty which I own & absolutely love! However, he also plays an interesting bad guy in Fred Claus. This guy seems to have done OK with that Brit socialized medicine! ;D

Mr. Jagger is 69 today. :D

To continue with the music world, Roger Taylor is 63 today. He was in a little band known as...well...here ya' go!

Mr. Brave New World was born on this date in 1894. He was also quite the fan of the LDS...er..uh...LSD - my bad! ;D Finally, the director of so many classic films was born on this date in 1928. Here are clips from just a couple!

And, who could forget this?

It's time for some SPARK in our lives! I wonder if this guy is a card - carrying member of the NRA? Check out these "They're So Bad They're Good" knick - knacks; my favorite city even made the cut! :D And, yes, I've seen the stuff. I owned 4 of these as a kid. How 'bout y'all? Finally, here's some SPARK "Hoosier" style! I could so see Chicago's mayor doing this, too.

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

Here's Ezra Klein again - mucho appreciado!

"#RomneyShambles" - Again, Mittens is winning all sorts of hearts & minds across the pond. ;D I LOVE the Olympics barbs that are being traded about! Way to pi$$ off a person you need!! I liked the "middle of nowhere" comment from David Cameron - even though I don't care for his politics. London's mayor's having a hey - day, too. ;D He also didn't know who the Labor Party chief was when the dude was right in front of him. AND, Mittens is a secret Brit secret agent in MI6! Where's 007 when you need him? He's worse than $aint $arah from Wasilla - at least according to the Brits?? OOooooo...I gotta think about that one. Shall we have a battle of nit - wits? ;D Mittens is pushing the same econ stuff that GWB did, and that worked BRILLIANTLY. GWB was worse than Hoover, and Mittens is going to try the same thing. A whole mess of the MENSA folk - including Mittens - have creative memory loss at what happened in 2008. Ah, remember then - Senator Obama in 2008...all that promise & hope? {sigh} However, President Obama had to drastically change economic paths from what he campaigned on. Now, the American Jobs Act is going to be part of the center of President Obama getting re - elected. Jared Bernstein gets to talk the economy of the 1%. There is no difference between Mittens economic plan & GWB's economics. However, the de - regulation planned by Mittens in repealing Dodd - Frank isn't a good idea even according to some big money folk. Budget deficits are actually a good thing if appropriately structured. Mittens deficits ain't gonna be appropriately structured.

"A Splice of Life" - Me thinks this segment's going to be about creative editing of President Obama's speeches to make him look like he said something he didn't say. I'm looking in your direction, FAUX News! The RNC is doing some choice editing, too. Steve Benen probably knows how to do some creative editing! ;D The core of Mittens campaign is going to be splicing & dicing video - not much of a foundation there, dude. 

{Feed's having another fit, so if I miss anything during restarting my computational device, please mention it in comments. *&^%$#@!}

"The Ezra Klein Challenge" - OK, I came in on the middle of this, so I have no sparkin' idea what he's talking about - probably something economic. 

"Everything BOLD is New Again" - Oh goody, a gun control (or lack thereof) segment... *&^%$#@! Silly President Obama thinks only soldiers should own AK - 47s, and the NRA ain't havin' that! However, ya' wanna plan a nice family outing to Yellowstone or 1 of our other fine national parks, take all the guns & ammo you want 'cause it's legal now. Don't forget that kevlar! Deportations have actually gone UP in this administration - even though this Kenyan Commie Socialist librul is giving all the jobs to Mexicans. HOWEVER, now, some young illegal immigrants are going to finally get a break. The NRA is still trying to claim President Obama will be the most dangerous to gun ownership rights. And, if everyone had been armed to the teeth in that Aurora theater, no one would've died. Neera Tanden gets to talk guns, ammo, and other warm & fuzzy issues. Yea, it's easier for us to get a gun than cold medicine these days. You might not be asked for a background check to get a gun, but you do for cold meds - plus your blood type - plus your mother's maiden name. Both sides have been equally cowardly in dealing with the NRA. Just say everyone in the NRA gets free penis enhancement surgery, and all this $hit will go away! And, I gotta call bull pucky on Ms. Tanden's claim that NRA members want background checks & such. If they really believe that, they need to stop paying their dues to their bat$hit leaders until they begin towing the line, and they ain't about to do that anytime soon.

"To Arid is Human; To Invest, Divine" - We got melting tarmacs & bendy railroad tracks because of the hot - hot - hot. It looked like it was gonna throw down in my fair city this afternoon, but it never did. :( It's gotta do something sometime because the forecast for another damn car race on the west side of town for Sunday is 85. OK, I'm about over all this economic talk; I feel brain cells dying. No more damn charts! Redoing our infrastructure will create jobs; that's all that needs to be said.

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Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 07:02 PM PDT.

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